Goal Setting & Tracking
Success for the Professional, Trainee, & Company

Goal Setting & Tracking 
  • What do you expect from a Service Professional yearly?
  • Set a goal with your Service Professional to meet the expectations of Total Revenue, Average Ticket and Close Percentage. These are the three Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that will be measured weekly to make sure the Service Professional will be on target to attain their goals for the year.
  • Take the yearly goal and break it down to monthly goal and then break the monthly down to weekly. The weekly can be broken down to daily or per call whichever you want to use. 
  • The KPI's should be reviewed weekly to make sure the Service Professional is on track to meet the goals.
Make setting goals, tracking numbers and measuring Success easier with the "NEW" Success Tracker. By the Service Professional knowing their numbers and what is expected of them they control their future and their success. This ultimately makes the Company successful.
If you want the Success Tracker email  info@dalemincks.com or go to www.dalemincks.com to place your order.

NEW! The Success Tracker 

The Success Tracker is designed to help you keep track of yearly, monthly, and weekly goals. The Key Performance Numbers are filled in weekly along with the job information and possible follow up on unsold jobs. You need to know where you are weekly in order to meet your yearly goals. 


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