Success for the Professional, Trainee, & Company

Getting Back to the Basics! 

The secret to a successful ride along encompasses many aspects of the job, and as with many things we have to start at the beginning. Below are the four initial aspects of a ride along that a trainee needs to know. 
  • Company Vision
  • Services and Products
  • Steps in Running a Call
  • Ride Along Expectation 
Contact me at 5 40.522.1117 , and we can discuss several ways to provide your Service Professional Trainee the training they need to be successful!  

Slow Down! 

Now that sounds simple, but time-and-time again we move too fast and turn our technician trainees out too quickly.  Click below to hear a portion of the Profiles in Prosperity* interview. Hear why Coach Mincks says "slow down" and ensure "your trainee is ready.

Next Steps! 

Ride  alongs  are extremely important to the success of the technician trainee, the customer, and the company. If we don't take our time and ensure our technician trainee fully understands all aspects, we run the risk of high turnover rates, loss of customers, and ultimately reduction in profits.  Below are the next steps to a successful ride along. 
  • Truck Inspection
  • Technicians' Appearance
  • Definition of Technicians Roles
  • Prepare to Run Call
  • Running the Call
  • Debrief the Call
To learn more on how to complete a successful ride-along contact Coach Mincks to schedule a live internet training today. 540.522.1117


My mission has always been to make a difference for others. It is the entire reason I do what I do! I want to help you increase your earnings with your service calls! 

  • "...His hands-on approach and ride-alongs have been a valuable tool... Our techs now produce numbers and provide legendary service others now get to hear about!."  
  • "...He built their confidence levels as he taught them how to build options for their clients and reminded them to "always be closing." We are still seeing the results from his training three months later and can't wait to get him back again for round 2." 
  • "Just wanted to thank you for the training this weekend. So far this week I set my own personal record with $13,500 in sales. The training really helped."
  • "...With the help of Dale Mincks, our overall average ticket has increased, and our closing rate is up. Best of all, the confidence of the technicians has skyrocketed, which is priceless."
  • "...We went from being in the red to being in the black.  My two techs went from being the lower revenue makers to becoming number 6 and 8 on the top service professional list.
If you are  STRUGGLING TO INCREASE YOUR EARNINGS on your service calls,
CONTACT ME! Whether we are having in-house training, conducting ride alongs, or having some one-on-one coaching, I will get you to where you want to be!


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