The Ultimate Customer Service Experience
JULY 2018

Hire Your New Service Professional
the Right Way!!!

So why do companies rush and turn their new Service Professional trainees out too soon without the proper tools? 
I have seen it time-and-time again, trainees are confused, and management is questioning their hiring decision due to negative customer feedback and reduction in customer retention.  The bottom line is this; you will pay one way or another, either by facilitating the training correctly or losing customers and your new Service Professional because the training was ineffective. 

Remember, you hire for one reason and one reason only, to generate revenue for your business. If you set your Service Professional trainees up for success that is just what they will do for you! Contact me at 540.522.1117 and we can discuss several ways to provide the training your trainees need!  

"Trainee Ride Alongs"

Never allow a trainee to run a call until you are confident with their performance, knowledge of the services, and their ability to run the call effectively. Always role play in the office in a one-on-one or a training classroom environment. You can then provide immediate feedback to build the trainee's experience and confidence without hindering a call.

  • Always Be in Control!
  • Provide Postive and Opportunistic Feedback
  • Practice Makes Perfect
And, o nce you are confident that your trainee is ready, have them run calls with an experienced Service Professional or Manager to observe and provide back-up if necessary.

It's Go Time!

Why Do I Need A Service Professional Daily Planner?  
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"Gold Nugget Series" Service Professional Daily Planner

This Planner is designed to help you keep track of yearly, monthly, and daily goals. The Key Performance Numbers are filled in daily along with the job information and possible follow up on unsold jobs. You need to know where you are daily in order to meet your yearly goals.

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July 27 - Greenville, NC - Hosted by Shane Hall - Mr. Electric (seating available)
July 28 - Raleigh Durham, NC - Hosted by Mats Linden - Mr. Electric (currently a waiting list)

If you can not attend either workshops or they are already full and you want to meet me for:
  • One-On-One Coaching Session
  • Discuss Having a Custom Designed In-House Training 
Contact me directly at  540.522.1117.


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