The Ultimate Customer Service Experience
JUNE 2018

Missing Opportunities to Generate

One simple quick way to increase revenue is to REVIEW TICKETS DAILY!

Are we reviewing our tickets daily on sold and unsold jobs? When we are busy it is easy to let things slide and not offer the options that we normally would. Reviewing the daily tickets can show us if our Service Professionals are doing a complete Safety Check and are offering the options that are found to the customer. And you may have options your Service Professional is overlooking!!  Or an opportunity to follow up on more worked offered that was not accepted on previous visit!!


"Building Value"

On every call we build value with our time by being consistent. Doing a complete "Safety Check" with the reasons why things need to be done is a key in being successful.


  • Always present the options in a professional manner.
  • Ask for the work. If you don't, who does? 
  • Learn when to be quiet while the Customer is making the decisions.

And if there are objections, always be ready to handle them.


It's Go Time!


CoachMincks-June 2018 Newsletter
CoachMincks-June 2018 Newsletter
What Do You Say When A Customer Says No? 
Let Coach Mincks help you turn that "no" into "yes"! 

"Gold Nugget Series" DVD Training

Special offer expires June 30th, 2018:

It is regularly a $839 investment but for the rest of the month of June the "Gold Nugget Series" DVD Training for the Service Professional will be $599.00.
(This includes 5 manuals and shipping.) 

Just think that investment could be recouped in less than one day by one Service Professional using the system properly. The series can be used over and over for new-hires and experienced Service Professionals. Service Professionals all over the country are taking advantage of this training series to increase their average tickets, close rates, and total sales revenue. 

Visit our website store  for the "Gold Nugget Series" and other training materials:


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