Volume 02 | April 24th 2020
Hello Coaches!

We know these are trying times, but we're still here! We miss seeing you all during programming and we know that your Readers do too ! As always, we are here to help you grow in your career and as individuals. We hope that you are staying healthy and safe. If you have any questions please contact Alicia (Highline) or Shaunice (Seattle).

P.S. Thank you for your letters! We are in the process of getting them to your Readers and will still accept late letters if you are interested! :)
Self-Care Tip of the Week!
The next time you're on Instagram, check out the The Fab Story. They post helpful tips on self-care and balancing work and life expectations.

Feeling Anxious? The Fab Story recommends:

  • Journal about your feelings and emotions
  • Take a few deep belly breaths
  • Start a creative project
  • Get some sunlight
  • (Virtually) Connect with friends & family
  • Choose compassion & love

Life After Team Read!
May is Career Connected Learning Month in Washington! Beginning May 4, every school day at 3:30pm you can hear from REAL people doing REAL jobs in Washington.

Want to know how to launch a career in technology? Interested in health care or nonprofits? Imagine yourself as an entrepreneur? Curious about careers in energy, advanced manufacturing, or construction? Learn from real professionals and ask them how they got to where they are now.

Head over to CareerConnect@Home to find out what the lineup is each day and join the conversation! Follow on Instagram at career.connect.at.home.