Volume 01 | April 3rd 2020
Hello Coaches!

We know these are some trying times right now but we haven't gone anywhere! We miss seeing you all during programming and we know that your Readers do too ! If you would like to write a letter or send a video to a Reader, contact Alicia at alicia.rodriguez@highlineschools.org or Shaunice at sewilson1@seattleschools.org by April 10th . As always, we are here to help you grow in your career and as individuals. We hope that you are staying healthy and safe. Check out some of the resources below! 
Coaching Tips and Tricks!
Advocating for yourself and for your readers is a huge part of growing as a coach.

Self-Advocacy looks like:
  • Asking questions/Asking for help
  • Reaching out to your site team
  • Reaching out to your peers
  • Attending ambassador meeting
  • Engaging in curriculum and training
Life After Team Read!
Consider having an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a quick way to tell someone about yourself. These are great for job interviews, icebreakers, and it gives you a chance to stand out during networking. Click here to check out a resource for more information.
Self-care Tip of the Week
Try out a new hobby!
Some of Team Read staff's favorites are gardening, crochet, running, and hiking.

Feel free to send us some pictures practicing self-care! Contact either Shaunice or Alicia.