ITA Coach Education Newsletter
Friday, July 2nd, 2021 | Issue 37
Coach Masterclass:
Chapter 20 - Practice

Chapter 20 of the Coach Masterclass includes ideas for coaches on the practice planning process; dealing with players not giving their best; adapting to practice with limited court space; evaluating practices; to name just a few of the topics covered.

The next chapter will include interviews with Athletic Directors on developing a relationship with your Sports Supervisor.
Book Recommendation

The summer is often a time for coaches to evaluate the previous year, how they operated as a coach, and how they are going to grow as a coach, leader, and individual before the following season.

I like Mark Divine's latest book because he includes stories around his many failures and ultimate success in the business world and not just his experiences as a Navy Seal. He also provides some helpful exercises at the end of each chapter to help develop your self-awareness.

"No matter how smart and skilled you are, it is your stage of development and emotional awareness that will define your character as a leader. And your character will define how the team responds to you."

"Often when leaders screw up, they lose courage. They will identify themselves with their mistakes, bringing the entire team down as a result."

"Communicating with negative energy is a real downer for the team. You can't be the negative apple in the bunch. Negativity destroys motivation and performance. It also weakens you as an individual"

"The temporary pain of transformation is far better than the long-term pain of regret"

You can find the full list of podcast guest book recommendations HERE
Updated ITA Health Index

Thanks to Steve Anschutz, Head Tennis Coach at Concordia University, Wisconsin for sharing this great idea regarding the health indexes. In conjunction with coaches and operating committees from each division, we have designed a health index for every division and two for Division I. You can find them on the new ITA Coaches Resources website. Please be sure to continue to modify these indexes to your needs. Whether you use this or create your own version it is important that you come up with some way to evaluate your program on a semi-regular basis so you can share your progress with your sports supervisor and determine your priorities.
New Coach Orientation & Support Group

Were you hired as a head coach, assistant coach, GA, or volunteer at some point during the 2020/2021 Academic Year or were just recently hired for the 2021/2022 season? If so, you might be interested in joining our new coach orientation session on July 28th from 9 am PT - 10:15 am PT.

Participating Coaches in the orientation are invited to join a new coach support group which includes monthly calls led by ITA Managing Director, Dave Mullins. These calls will commence in September 2021 and run through May 2022.

If you are interested in joining the orientation call please fill out this google form no later than July 25th. You will receive a Zoom link for the call on July 26th.
Quick Links

  • Many of you are currently prepping for summer camps or are already in the thick of it! Have you seen all the FREE resources that Steve Smith provides coaches at GreatBase Tennis? Steve lays out his philosophy/system which is in large part an amalgamation of influences from many incredible coaches through the years. If you want to evolve your camp beyond kids just having fun and actually teach them the true fundamentals of tennis then be sure to engage with these FREE resources. They will also influence how you coach your teams and what changes you may want to make in your player's games this coming fall.
  • I highly recommend you all listen to the GreatBase Tennis Podcasts with college coaches Dave Fish (Harvard, ret.) and Dave Secker (NC State) - I thoroughly enjoyed these conversations!
  • Do you have an on-court presentation that you believe would be of value to your college coaching peers? If so, would you be willing to present at the 2021 ITA Convention in Las Vegas (Dec. 3-6)? Please email me a proposal by July 1st, 2021!

Tennis For America

The Tennis for America application period has been extended until next week, JULY 9th, with applicants starting no later than September 6th. Please share this opportunity with your current and former student-athletes looking to gain a start in the tennis industry.

We have former student-athletes from St. Edwards, Endicott College, and Gustavus Adolphus starting their service in June and July. Click here to learn more!
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