FOCUSED and Inspired:
Let's Be Partners!
October 30, 2018
Insights from Lisa Mitzel

Do you let your athletes disagree with you, or tell you what to do? Maybe it’s time. At my recent seminar in Santa Barbara, CA, we did some role-playing. The intention: BUILD athletes’ self-esteem and ABILITY to speak up. In attendance, about 20 parents and coaches and 20 young athletes. I shared a true story from Focused and Inspired where several athletes, traveling in a van with their coach from CA to AZ, were told they needed to condition. The young girls had to get out of the van and run 2 miles along the highway…alone. They could not say, No. They were scared. They had no voice and no choice. They were not and did not feel SAFE .

In my seminars, we role-play: So I asked a 12-year-old athlete to stand up on a block, and a father to kneel down on the floor. The athlete, now “the adult,” proceeded to look down and tell the father, now “the athlete,” that he made a mistake and naturally, there were consequences. She wagged her finger at him and it was actually funny and everyone giggled. Lightbulbs when on—the athlete was in charge. The adult was not. Switching roles allows the athlete to feel smart and in control and everyone practices a ‘power balance.’ My clinics inspire change. I share and educate with new approaches. I shape clinics to your needs. Reach out, let’s connect and practice these important behaviors and attitudes with your athletes.
Sneak Peek - from FAI:
Chapter 4 - Let's Be Partners
The Partnership Model: Qualities and Steps to Collaborate and Partner Successfully

In a positive partnership, each person honors the other as an important contributor. A partner celebrates the athlete as a whole person, striving toward achievement in sports and happiness in life. This approach to coaching and parenting is highly effective, safer, and very motivating for athletes.

A Positive Partner

• Gets athletes to say, “I can!” in a challenge. Shake hands with your athlete, and say, “I believe in you.” Invigorate the partnership.

• Is complimentary and values other people’s wisdom; seeks knowledge for ongoing progress.

• Knows that each partner controls only themselves. There’s no power-over, no forcing, no internal link to make your athlete “hit a homer” or speak up when they’re not ready.

• Walks in to practices and views the athlete as an intelligent collaborator. They continually learn how to work together best, without yelling, blame, or diminishing someone’s spirit.

• Understands that only the athlete can feel what’s happening to their body and can know what’s going on inside their mind. Be curious and compassionate.

• Works with transparency and regularly reviews the timeline, progress update, and strategies to stay on track for reaching goals. Never as pressure; to inform and inspire.

Next week’s FAI Sneak Peek - from Chapter 5: I Won’t Be Too Hard on You.  Learn the importance of tears and emotions, and how to prepare your athletes for pressure and their upcoming season!

Spotlight: FAI Endorsement
from Scott Johnson
1984 Olympic Gold Medalist
1988 Olympic Team Captain
Owner / Coach of Scott Johnson’s Tumble & Gymnastics Academy.

“Lisa Mitzel is a true leader and is now sparking a new culture in sports: Thoughts and feelings matter. In this must-read book, Lisa sheds light on how communication affects athletes, daily, and that coaches can evolve and win more through awareness and higher-mind thinking.” Scott continues to impact the sports world. Thank you, Scott! See his coaching blog for great advice:
Focused Tour at the Warriors, in CA, WA and TN for USAG TOPS

I’m honored I got to meet Coach Steve Kerr. Wow. And in 6 weeks, I’ll be at FlipFest in TN to work with USAG athletes & coaches at the National TOPS Training Camp. Meanwhile, I have a parent-coach seminar at Liberty Gym, multiple clinics at Matrix Gym, and heading to Seattle in Dec. for coaching and clinics.

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