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Summer 2012

Linda Richmand, CPC, PCC

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Your Summer "Bucket List" 

How's it Going?

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What is on Your "Bucket List"

 This Summer?


How is it Going?


     This is the time of year when we imagine ourselves having time to "catch up" on things we have been putting off.  Clients want to get rid of clutter, research new or different career paths, see old friends, exercise more, update their resumes, and/or go on adventures.

        If you haven't started working on your summer bucket list yet, today is a great day to start:

  • Write down what you would like to accomplish.
  • Schedule it. Don't wait till you have "free time," make the time.
  • Increase accountability by announcing your intention(s) out-loud to loved ones and co-workers.
  • Monitor your self-talk. If you tell yourself you can do it later,  ask yourself if that statement is true?  How many times have you promised to "do it later"?  What will make this time different?  Is now an option? 
It's still early in the summer, so lets get going...... ENJOY!