January 2021
Enabling Growth & Balance
Growth is our focus and engagement is our strength.
Auxin Group is a self-directed, professionally guided Career (Re)Engagement Development Program
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Coaching When You Need It
Auxin is excited to introduce a team of experienced coaches as an added resource for Associates. This new coaching service provides members quick, personalized support in all 8 WELLNESS® categories.

  • Stuck finding the balance between work, home, and nutrition? Schedule a session with one of our Life and Energy coaches.
  • Not sure how to motivate your team? Our Emotional Growth coaches are ready to help.
  • Unsure what’s next in your career journey? Reach out to a Learn and Lead coach. 

Book a session by the hour or add it to your membership.
Learning & Development
A New Approach to the Elevator Pitch

Forget about yourself for a moment when it comes to your elevator pitch. Speaker, coach, and former radio talk show host Catherine Johns says droning on about how great you are can be a turn off. Rather, she suggests you focus on others first before turning the attention to you. 

During her second Auxin workshop, Johns outlined the Five Ps of Magnetic Introductions and said by answering the following questions, you will create interest in yourself and what you have to offer:

  • Who are the people you serve?
  • What is the problem or pickle they are facing that you address for them?
  • What would the promised land look like for the client?
  • What path do you offer to get those people from the pickle to the promised land?
  • What proof do you have to demonstrate the value of your hard work? An endorsement from an employer? An award or recognition? Data to illustrate your accomplishment?

Introducing yourself in this manner will open up a dialogue and help you build a conversation to create a memorable connection.

Watch Catherine Johns demonstrate this impactful approach to the elevator pitch in the clip below.
Coming up in January
1/7 Building Collaborative Team Environments 
Situational Leadership
Consultative Approach
1/14 Creating High Impact Resumes
Project Management Terms and Approaches
1/19 The Power of Trust at Work
1/21 Leading with Collaboration and Cooperation vs Commiseration
1/26 Project Management: Developing a Project Charter
1/27 Creating Your Personal Brand

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Every program Auxin offers is based on WELLNESS® which encourages a balanced lifestyle. Associates set goals in eight different areas including Work & Deliver, Emotional Growth & Balance, and Learn & Lead. Click here to learn more.
Project Work
Team Takes on Auxin Website

How many websites do you view in a day? No need to count. We know it’s a lot, and some websites are better than others, right? A recent Auxin project put the spotlight on our own website, challenging a team of Associates to review the content and design and make recommendations for overall improvements.

In addition to reviewing the site map and looking for material to update, the team also interviewed the stakeholders and website designer and ran the entire website through an analysis of best practices. “We didn’t want to just make suggestions without an explanation. We really were looking for the why behind the changes we offered,” said team lead Margaux Friedman.

With a group of four “go getters”, Margaux set regular meetings, ensured everyone was clear on their tasks and scope of the project and then gave everyone room to explore the subject matter and ask questions.

Ultimately, they created a test website to demonstrate their recommendations during a detailed presentation, backing it up with the data they gathered and keeping in mind the client’s request to make changes without a complete overhaul.
Stacy Fenner
“I was really impressed with the group’s ability to learn team dynamics and quickly breakdown the work,” said Stacy Fenner, Auxin Program Director, recognizing the passion each displayed. “They really showed they cared about the impact of their work for both short-term and long-term strategy.”
 Auxin Group is an “on-hand” team of multi-skilled and motivated specialists
who have flexible schedules, experience, knowledge
and collaborative tools to get the job done quickly.
Our Team
Tejal Shedge
Tejal Shedge: Rebuilding Her Confidence

Several months into her journey as an Auxin Associate, Tejal Shedge is fully immersed in project work and learning and development, and she’s taking advantage of all the benefits. “In every session you get to learn about yourself and the type of person you are, and with each project, I’m learning more how to best interact and work with other people,” she said.   

Tejal comes to Auxin with a background in Operations Management along with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA she earned in her native India. She began her career at Forbes Marshall, a multinational engineering company, where she did an MBA project internship on the topic "Blanket Purchase Agreement" in the company's purchase department.  Tejal later worked for KPIT, a global technology company, as a SOX reviewer responsible for auditing applications for compliance with data security policies. While in that role, Tejal earned recognition for her quick learning and high quality performance.

When Tejal moved to the U.S. in 2014, she and her husband settled in Rochester, MI, and Tejal earned a post-master’s degree in Operations Management from Oakland University. Along with school and adjusting to less sunshine, Tejal learned to drive and developed her cooking skills, figuring out how to use Indian spices with a variety of cuisines. The couple later had a son who is now three years old.

Since joining Auxin last August, Tejal has worked on two projects, one centered on marketing Auxin and the other on reviewing and recommending updates for the Auxin website. She also co-presented in the session "Surviving Holidays using Lean Principles" teaching Lean concepts and tools for home and work in order to improve processes and eliminate wastes.

All of her Auxin experience is giving Tejal a much-needed confidence boost. “When you have a work gap, you lose confidence, and that’s a very important piece,” she said, adding that Auxin is also helping her figure how to balance work and family.

Tejal is looking forward to working on more projects and ultimately finding a role that combines her experience in data analysis and information technology and her interest in healthcare and manufacturing. She also hopes to visit her family in India when the pandemic ends and it’s safe for her to travel.
Hey, Auxin Alums!

Do you have a new job? Did you receive a promotion or special recognition? Start a new business? If you have news to share, email us, and we’ll spread the word. We love hearing about your progress, and our Associates love to see where their journey can take them!
On Laura's Mind
Lesson of the Toothbrush

Why hasn’t the toothbrush improved? Yes, there are toothbrushes with specialized bristles, electric toothbrushes that buff and clean for you, and even smart toothbrushes with plaque detectors, but you still have to go to the dentist regularly to get your teeth scraped and polished. Why am I writing to you about the toothbrush? Because to me it’s a sign that there’s room for improvement, and I’m not just talking toothbrushes.

As we kick off 2021, we are all hoping for a better tomorrow, but that won’t happen if we keep doing the same thing. We must make a change. No need to do anything drastic. Small steps can make a big difference, but we must all do our part. We can’t sit back and expect everyone else to do it for us.

My goal is to create more efficiencies in my work. When I create something new, I’m going to make sure it’s multi-purpose. Why build something and only use it once? Time is valuable and every keystroke comes with a cost, so I plan to use them wisely. I’m also going to make sure that I honor the experts. When the mechanic says the car needs new tires, why wait three months? 

Imagine the possibilities. If the dentists didn’t have to spend time on the basics of caring for everyone’s teeth, perhaps they’d come up with a better toothbrush!

More from Laura
As a leading professional in HR, Laura is inundated by questions about salary increases, bonuses and other compensation. In a recent article in Workspan, Laura offers guidance for companies who are Rethinking Compensation in the Face of Uncertainty.
Laura Morgan is the Founder/President of Auxin Group. Her 30-year career in Human Resource Management has taught her to embrace growth and balance. Her recipe is simple: work, volunteer, and play. She launched Auxin Group to teach others to do the same.
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