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Coaching employees means more time for your business

As a business owner, are you constantly fighting fires, solving problems or answering questions from your employees? It may be time to hand over some of your management responsibilities. Coaching employees to deal with day to day operations could allow you more time to invest in planning the future growth and direction of your business.

Before you decide on the best candidates to represent your business and make decisions, it is best to be prepared and establish your expectations. Coaching starts with knowing what you want from your employees.

  • Be able to explain your vision and values - your business is your passion and you want to make it your employees' passion as well.
  • Set up company policies and procedures that will help guide employees in their decision-making.
  • Provide a clear definition of employee responsibilities and set limits to their authority.
  • Be a role model - do as you would expect your employees to do.

Once you have chosen a few trusted employees (and they have accepted their new responsibilities), make sure that they have the tools necessary to successfully accomplish their tasks. Try not to micromanage, as this may affect your employees' self-confidence or desire to fulfill their roles.

  • Allow time for training on problem-solving techniques and other managerial responsibilities.
  • Encourage employees to think like an owner.
  • Give them power to make decisions without being overbearing.
  • Encourage two-way communication and feedback both positive and negative.
  • Recognize their successes and provide ways to help them meet their challenges.

If you are well prepared before you hand over some of your responsibilities, the transition for everyone may be smoother and this will encourage greater self-assurance on the part of your employees.


Learn more about strengthening your management team.


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