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It's not just secondhand smoke that is dangerous. Thirdhand smoke can be, too
By Sandee LaMotte, CNN
"A new study out of Yale University says thirdhand smoke -- the tobacco contaminants that adhere to walls, bedding, carpet and other surfaces until a room smells like an ashtray -- can actually cling to a smoker's body and clothes as well.

Those potentially toxic chemicals, including nicotine, can then be released into environments where smoking has never occurred, like your movie theater, according to the study.

Even more disturbing: The study found those chemical exposure levels could be the equivalent of between one and 10 cigarettes by the end of the movie.

Thirdhand "smoke" isn't actually smoke at all. It's the residue of nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco, some of which are toxic, that remain long after active smoking is over. 

Some of these chemicals stick to surfaces, and others attach to dust particles. Still others often penetrate deep into wallboard, drapes and upholstery. As the compounds linger, they may react with oxidants or other particles in the room's atmosphere. The chemical reactions can create potentially harmful byproducts that can become airborne."

How To Talk To Teens About Vaping
By Emily Vaughn, NPR
" Vape pens are easy to conceal, they're easy to confuse with other electronic gadgets like USB flash drives, and they generally don't leave lingering smells on clothes. All these things make them appealing to underage users, and confounding to parents. Gone are the days when sniffing a teenager's jacket or gym bag counted as passive drug screening. Now if parents want to know if their teens are vaping nicotine or cannabis, their best bet is a good old fashioned conversation. 

And with news of an outbreak of life-threatening vaping illness sweeping the country, and vape use at an all-time high among teens, the issue feels more urgent than ever. Here's what to say — and not to say — to help your child deal with peer pressure and misinformation, and stay safe.

Talking points:
Explain the health risks, because some kids really don't know
Highlight vaping's ties to Big Tobacco
Establish open dialogue
Help your kid practice saying, "No"
Teach, don't preach
Go easy on yourself
Get smart, and get help"

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Coalition Rx Spotlight
New Partners for Strengthening Families Program 10-14
We are pleased to announce the new organizations who are going to be trained on Strengthening Families Program 10-14. Training is in the beginning of April so these partners will be ready to start classes soon! Stay tuned for updates on 2020 classes.
Help Reduce the Misuse of Substances of Abuse
We provide three evidence-based programs for youth and families. Strengthening Families Program 10-14, Too Good For Drugs and Violence K-8 and WISE. If you are interested in attending one of our programs or would like to set up a presentation at your organization please call 402-552-2221.

Each month Coalition Rx hosts a community meeting. We partner with local experts to discuss the substance abuse issues in our community and how we can combat this epidemic. On March 12th we are hosting Roscoe Wallace at 4pm. He will be discussing his life story and how he has overcome in the face of adversity. 
Founded in 2015, our mission is to reduce the misuse of all substances of abuse by raising awareness and partnering with community organizations to provide public and professional education, prevention and treatment resources, and policy advocacy.
Carey Pomykata Executive Director
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