Issue #125 May 2020
May 2020
Greetings, fellow hermits. We hope this missive finds you well and safe. Like you, we’re stocked up, hunkered down and staying as put as we can stay. Like you, we’ve washed our hands so often we may no longer have fingerprints. So when we’re not growing and shipping your trays, some of us are searching the internet for safecracking tutorials.

We’re reaping the rewards of infrastructure improvements made before things got weird -- especially our new, modern perennial production greenhouses at our grass farm near Milton. High and bright, clean and airy, they’re the perfect incubator for the liners that will become your finished products. Our Dianthus have never looked better, and if you like those you’ll love our Gaillardia and Gaura. They’re pretty on our benches, but they’ll be downright gorgeous on yours.

Garden centers here were first classified as essential businesses, OK to stay open, but then the Governor yanked the rug out from under our retailers at the worst possible time. Six states have borders with PA, and GCs are open and booming in all six. Guess where our business is going? PNLA is working with legislators to get some relief.
But spring isn’t on hold, and the material we’re shipping looks fantastic. Get a load of our Digitalis Dalmatian series, in your choice of four colors. All feature columns of beautiful trumpet flowers with heavily spotted (hence the series name) throats. Give us a holler, and we’ll spot you some.
Digitalis purpurea Dalmatian Crème
Digitalis purpurea Dalmatian Peach
Digitalis purpurea Dalmatian Purple
Digitalis purpurea Dalmatian Rose

Our Rock Star award honors ECG employees who demonstrate a sustained high level of performance and inspire others. Give it up for our latest recipient Amanda Black!
An integral part of our perennial team for years, Amanda has now risen to the challenge of supervising both the Grass and Perennial picking teams at our Milton location. Amanda hasn’t hesitated to take on her new responsibilities and has worked diligently to improve picking quality and efficiencies.
Congratulations, Amanda on a job well done!
WHAT'S HOT!  Some like it Wet!
Isolepis cernua, Fiber Optic Grass
Bright, light-catching silver flowerheads at the ends of its fine blades give Isolepis the look of a glowing fiber optic lamp. It’s so electric, you might be nervous about using this cute sedge near water. Don’t be! That’s where it thrives.
Try it as a solo act or in combos with other water lovers, in baskets, moist borders or containers. With an upright/cascading habit, its fine filaments make it one of those plants people love to touch. Our vigorous 38s will quickly light up your world, and your customers’. You’ll be shocked by how easily this one turns on the charm.
Wow, there’s an oxymoron for ya. But consider the wisdom of this quote from old friend Dr. Allan Armitage, green industry sage, who advises us all, hort types and civilians alike, “Go to the garden. Turn off the news, and go to the garden.” Amen to that, Dr. A. Our products are the brightest spot in many lives right now.
“Go to the garden. Turn off the news, and go to the garden.”
~ Dr. Allan Armitage
HORTISCOPE  Zodiac on wry
Taurus: So you’re upset because you only get 20 days of the month, and have to yield the last 11 to Gemini? Don’t be so greedy! There are two of them! Put down the teacup and back slowly out of the china shop.
Gemini: Beware the jealous ire of big bullish types, but don’t be cowed by them, either.
TRAY BON! Some Like it Wetter! Juncus (Rush)
Here’s a cool, modern look for wet areas, ponds, containers and water gardens. As their names imply, these two differ mainly in size. Blue Arrows stands 2-4’, ‘Blue Dart’ just 12-18”. Both feature bold, upright blue-green cylindrical shafts; both are as happy in wet soil as a kid in a mud puddle, but also surprisingly tolerant of dry periods.
Both are hardy at least to Zone 5, and both are ready to splash down in your production area right now. Give us a call and we’ll launch some your way!
Juncus inflexus Blue Arrows
Juncus tenuis ‘Blue Dart’
EPILOGUE News Flash!!
PPA National Symposium rescheduled for 2021 in Lancaster PA!
We’ve just received word that the Perennial Plant Association’s National Symposium will convene in Lancaster PA a mere one (1) year later than originally planned. This wasn’t a foregone conclusion; it involved negotiations with hotels in Lancaster and in Canada, where dates already booked for next year are moving to 2022. Be there!
John Friel jf
John Friel
Marketing Manager