Issue #139 July 2021
July 2021

...and everywhere and anywhere else, for that matter. Take us out to all the places that were closed, all the events that didn’t happen, and all the people we didn’t and couldn’t see for over a year. They’re back! We’re back! Yeeeee-Ha!
We’ve put our new catalog to bed, or rather into the capable hands of our printer. For a hint of what it contains and where to claim your copy, see “Back on the Trade Show Trail” and “What’s Hot!” below.

Our best-selling Pennisetum ‘Rubrum’ has never looked better. Remember, we grow it in four sizes, so you’re sure to find the starter that suits your production needs.
Many thanks to all who checked on us when Tropical Storm Claudette visited. Luckily, she caused no major problems in Pensacola. We appreciate your concern. 
Outside, we’ve enjoyed a downright lovely June and are hoping for more of the same in July, but will probably get hot hot hot instead. Inside, we’re pleased to say our benches are bulging right now with several items often in short supply, to wit:
Bouteloua ‘Blonde Ambition’: It’s not a mirage: you really did see it on availability. But don’t dawdle or that number will vanish so fast you’ll think you dreamed it.

Carex testacea Prairie Fire: The olive-green blades of “orange sedge” take on a unique hue in cool weather. This quirky critter is often AWOL, and when these trays are gone it’ll be next April before they’re replaced.

Heuchera ‘Melting Fire’: Seed production means it’s an economical option. Great breeding means it’s as hot as many pricier veg-prop varieties. Finally, tricky germination means you won’t find it just anywhere. But it’s here!
Bouteloua ‘Blonde Ambition’
Carex testacea Prairie Fire™
Heuchera ‘Melting Fire’
Our Rock Star award honors ECG employees who demonstrate a sustained high level of performance and inspire others.

This month, we stop the music to recognize Theresa "Teddy" Davis, a team leader specializing in perennial cuttings. 
Theresa Davis joined Emerald Coast Growers in 1999. For over 20 years, she’s earned the respect and admiration of her peers. Here’s what they had to say when they nominated her as our latest Rock Star:

"I’d like to nominate Theresa "Teddy" Davis. Her knowledge of the perennial cutting process is unmatched."

"So proud of Theresa for all her efforts and her contributions to our company."

"My vote is for Theresa. She does an amazing job."

"Theresa Davis for her dedication, hard work and perseverance."

"I nominate Theresa from perennial production. She has really stepped up with the increased perennial production numbers."

"Teddy! She has been here for years and is a dedicated employee."

"Theresa holds our team together during the very busiest production months. She is a great leader, always at work. She has a great attitude!"

"Teddy’s a hard worker and makes work more fun!"

Thank you, Teddy, for your dedicated service and leadership. You rock!
Topping our Most Missed and Welcome Back! lists, industry-wise, is Cultivate ’21, the big one in Columbus. Please come see us at Booth #2313. There you’ll find our new, hot-off-the-press 2021 – 2022 Starter Plant Catalog, with over four dozen new items.

We’ve missed the trade shows, and of course we’ve missed seeing you there. But when you see our new book, you’ll see we haven’t missed a beat.
Our favorite newcomer? That would be our new exclusive variegated “little bluestem,” Schizachyrium scoparium Shining Star. See more in What’s Hot! below. 
Our very own variegated introduction brings game-changing ornamental value to this stalwart native species. Basal foliage gleams with bright green and creamy white stripes. Cooler temperatures, spring and autumn, bring a kiss of pink. Flower stems stand tall with no lodging.
Shining Star has earned its place in the catalog, acing its final exams in trials at both our Florida and Pennsylvania growing locations. Don’t just sit there: Catch a Shining Star™! It’s available RIGHT NOW in beefy 38-cell trays only from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!
Jumpin’ Jack jumped for joy when he saw three varieties of Festuca on Availability. Consistently among our best-selling genera, “fescue” is a compact, easy-care, cool-season grass for multiple situations, from borders to mixed containers to green roofs. What’s your pleasure?
This classic features cute, compact tufts of wiry/spiky blue foliage. Selected in Colorado, so you know it can handle heat. Height 6 – 10”, hardy in Zones 4 – 8.
Our tallest fescue’s blades emerge green, then segue to blue for a nifty early bicolor effect. Bloom spikes top out at 18”. Very vigorous, with excellent heat tolerance. Height 12 – 18”, hardy in Zones 4 – 8.
Here’s something different: A NON-blue fescue. Masses of slender matte-green blades are topped by tan seedheads on stiff red-tinged stems. Foliage height 8 – 10”. Seedheads rise to 20”. Hardy in Zones 4 – 8.
Jump on it! The industry’s finest Festuca starters come in 50-cell liners from Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!
We wish you a joyful July, with an indelible Independence Day, bodacious barbecues and a copacetic Cultivate. If nobody volunteers, take yourself out to the ballgame. The Triple-A Columbus Clippers are in town Friday, Saturday and Sunday during Cultivate, and the stadium is an easy walk up Nationwide Boulevard from the show. Play Ball!
John Friel
Marketing Manager