Issue #143 November 2021
November 2021
Days of Cider and Asters

Sunny hours dwindle. The thermometer creeps ever lower. Soon it’ll be time to Fall Back, unless you live in Hawaii or Arizona, where Daylight Saving isn’t a thing.

Still, we can’t believe it’s November already! Why, it seems like just yesterday we were asking each other, Can you believe it’s October already? 
We’ve been touting our ongoing expansion, consolidation and improvement projects at our Milton farm. It’s not just a step up for us, it’s already having a positive impact on your liners’ quality and consistency. 

Our remake was recently featured in, the Netherlands-based e-publication that covers all things green, worldwide. You can read all about it HERE.

Since it’s a European pub, they pointed out that “more than two hectares of greenhouses will be tied into a main gathering greenhouse, joined directly to (the) shipping warehouse.”

What the heck is a hectare? If you don’t speak metric, the conversion ratio is 1 hectare = 2.47 acres. More metrics: The temp in Florida as I type is 17° Celsius, i.e., about 63° Fahrenheit. But it’s expected to rebound into the 20s.
See “Eponyms on Parade,” below, for more metric merriment. 
October in Lancaster County wound down in a warm-ish way, for PA. Autumnal hues are creeping into the Amsonia hubrichtii, A. Butterscotch, and Andropogon gerardii in our trial gardens, and into our mixed deciduous hardwood canopy, which means the leaf-peekers are snarling traffic in Intercourse. It can be exasperating, but gawking tourists are a sort of tax we pay to live in a pretty place. I’m sure it beats living where nobody wants to be. 
Amsonia hubrichtii
Andropogon gerardii 'Dancing Wind'
Our Rock Star award honors ECG employees who demonstrate a sustained high level of performance and inspire others.

Juan Dominguez is this month's award recipient. Juan was praised by his peers for his ability to tackle tough jobs and work well under pressure. 
“Juan is a key essential part of the grass production team. He can follow instructions, lead groups, stick, cut, drive equipment, gather stock, and the list goes on. Juan brings a sense of relief to everyone when we are faced with a more challenging task, he knows how to handle anything presented to him. He just gets work done!”

“I have heard repeatedly from co-workers: “we couldn’t have gotten this done without Juan.” I think that says it all. Juan Dominguez is my rock star nominee this month.” 

“Juan Dominguez has excelled in every department and at every task. For the last year he has been an integral member of our grass production team -- serving in all capacities. Juan has a great attitude, tremendous endurance, and is very reliable. He is extremely skilled and is vital to not only grass production but our entire operation.”

“Juan is a Rock Star day in and day out. He has years of dedication and experience, plus a positive attitude and willingness to help at ALL times, under ANY circumstances. Juan is a model employee and coworker. His knowledge and experience are often used and valued in ALL departments within the company. My vote is in and my hat is off to Juan!”

Thank you, Juan, for your dedication, hard work, and inspiring attitude. You rock!
Phlox subulata
Phlox subulata Don’t let spring creep up on you!

Known variously as creeping phlox or moss phlox, early-flowering P. subulata is a welcome harbinger of spring. Its cheerful blooms blanket slopes and spill over walls.
It might be hard to think spring when autumn chores beckon, but it makes sense. Planted in fall, P. subulata has time to form a vigorous root mass. Soon, cold nights and short days will shut down vegetative growth. The tough evergreen foliage will hunker down and wait patiently. Sleep tight!
Right now, we’ve got 10 varieties – reds, whites, blues, pinks and bicolors -- all set to migrate from our benches to your pots. Come spring, that head start means fuller pots, bursting with color. You’ll be glad you thought ahead when you see this low-lying rainbow. hardy all the way down to Zone 2.
If your situation doesn’t accommodate fall planting, never fear: You can book liners for later, too. But potting now could be the most rewarding fall chore of all. It’s not like you’ll have nothing else to do in April, right?
HORTISCOPE: Zodiac on wry
Scorpio: The Sun is in your sign! Lower your visor when driving your Stingray westwards late in the day.
Sagittarius: Bummed because Scorpio owns most of the month, and you get a lousy nine days? Well, boo-hoo you. Should’ve negotiated harder. Besides, most of December is yours. Be patient.
Scorpitarius: Be careful, Cusp dweller! Wear your PPE when handling those poisoned arrows. 
Bring on the Holiday®s!
We’re known for hardy grasses and perennials, but we have a tender side, too. So when the breeding wizards at Terra Nova Nurseries outdid themselves – again! – with their world-class Begonias, we couldn’t resist them. Your customers won’t either!

These multi-purpose beauties make sensational houseplants, mixed containers, and shady summer borders. They shine brightest as seasonal decor. 

Holiday® Series
Spectacular anytime, especially for winter color
Small red flowers are generously scattered among holly-like pointed leaves, embossed with silver. Height 17 – 22” 

‘New Year’s Eve’ Bright pink flowers contrast beautifully with green-veined silver foliage. Height 12 – 18” 

Small red/pink flowers peek from dense masses of elegant silver, wing-like leaves with pink stems. Height 9 – 16” 

Lots of salmon/pink flowers. Sterling silver leaves with mint green centers. Height 17” 
Dainty snow-white flowers adorn upright mounds of quilted leaves, pristine silver/white with green starry patterns and maroon undersides. Height 18”  

Culture Notes
Holiday® is perfect for holiday containers. Plant liners now for finished winter pots. Be retail-ready with alternatives or enhancements to poinsettias.
Interest in houseplants is growing like a magic beanstalk. Stake your claim to a piece of this surging, burgeoning market with Holiday® Begonias.
Believe it or not, it really is November. Halloween is in the rear-view, Thanksgiving draws nigh, and the song of the leaf blower echoes through the land.
In the malls and online, it already looks a lot like Christmas.
Santa’s pen is hovering over two lists. Which will your name land on?

John Friel
Marketing Manager