Issue #144 December 2021
December 2021

Since 2010, through the magic of the internet, we’ve flung 12 dozen issues of Coastal Current out into the ether to pierce the Cloud, ricochet off satellites, and almost instantly splash down in inboxes just like yours all across North America. 

For your perusing pleasure, we hereby tender our 144th issue. We don’t know how many you’ve read, but we haven’t missed a single one. Shall we shoot for #288, or would that be 2 gross? 
The long-awaited launch of our new shipping location has occurred. Your liners are now being boxed or caged in our spacious, tailor-made, brand- spanking-new facility in Milton, our largest growing location. This change brings big benefits in efficiency and eliminates shipping/handling redundancies. The new digs made international headlines last month: You can read all about it Here.

It's all part of our continuing effort to streamline our processes, improve our quality, and keep us more effective and competitive – in short, to be your easy choice. 
The first pallets of boxed plants rolled out from our new shipping facility in Milton, FL earlier this week.
The trial gardens have, for the most part, called it a year; most perennials have crisped up and hunkered down for a long winter’s nap, hoarding precious energy underground. Amsonia’s golden fall color is holding steady. Miscanthus and Panicum ‘Northwind’ et al are showing why we recommend leaving grasses standing in winter: Even dormant, they bring welcome structure and movement. 

Panicum ‘Northwind’
Miscanthus sinensis Scout

And in the controlled environment of our greenhouses, oh, man, you should see our Hakonechloa! And Achillea, and Aquilegia, and Heuchera, and Lavandula!

Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'
Our Rock Star award honors ECG employees who demonstrate a sustained high level of performance and inspire others.

Let’s hear it for our latest recipient, Beverly Matheny!
Beverly joined ECG in 2015 and spent three years as a production supervisor. That background became a strong foundation for her current position as Inventory/Fulfillment Specialist. Here’s what her peers and colleagues had to say:
“Numbers, thank goodness someone loves them! It is so valuable that we can confidently offer a true availability each day. Beverly and her team are the “eyes on,” and they do a great job. Her communications are an efficient bridge between plants, growers, and sales office. Additionally, she is a joyful and helpful presence wherever she’s planted.”
“Beverly is very knowledgeable about our product. She understands the process from start to finish, giving her the ability to make good decisions and to know what information she needs. She’s motivated, conscientious, and hard-working. She works quickly with numbers and can work through complex data.”
“Beverly is a vital link between actual plants on the bench and software in the sales office.”
“Every month, Beverly Matheny is essential to not only my job, but to Emerald Coast Growers as a whole. She has been amazing with working to find more stock for production. She consistently has an astounding attitude, bringing reassurance and positivity to her conversations.”
“Beverly makes sure numbers are input before lists go out. When pickers need an answer quickly, Beverly is always right there with all the options. She truly is a rock star every day.”
There’s safety, and profit, in numbers – but only if they’re accurate. Thank you, Beverly, for loving those numbers and making them work. You rock!
Phlox subulata

We’re overstocked on one of the best-known, most-loved spring perennials you can grow. Our headache = your opportunity.

The small print:
30% (wow!) off list price.
No other volume discounts apply.
• Applies to all currently available 72s and 128s.
• Must ship by 12/27/2021.
• New orders only.
Nothing says “It’s spring!” like moss Phlox, a.k.a. creeping Phlox. Its cheerful blooms blanket slopes and spill over walls. Plant now, while there’s still time to form a vigorous root mass. Order now, and slash nearly a third off the price of your most valuable input!
Come spring, you’ll have fuller pots, bursting with color. You’ll be happy you thought ahead when you see this low-lying rainbow, and even happier when you see the bottom line.
This is no time for creeping. Let your phone gather no moss! Act NOW! Think spring. Think big savings. Think Emerald Coast Growers – your easy choice!

In August, we celebrated the granting of US Plant Patent #33,433 for our very own introduction, variegated Schizachyrium scoparium Shining Star (‘ECGSS’). The timing is downright serendipitous: The 2022 Perennial Plant of the year is none other than the entire species Schizachyrium scoparium, a.k.a. “little bluestem.” Naturally, we’re partial to our brainchild, but we also list nine (9) other examples of this tough, lovely native grass. If you’re not yet offering it, what are you waiting for? 

Schizachyrium scoparium Shining Star™ PP33433
From a waggish friend: “Thank you for explaining the word ‘plethora.’ It means a lot.”

In an ad for electronic whizbangs to give as Xmas gifts: “Tech the halls!”

From friendly rival Blue Moon Nursery: “All plants are edible. Some, only once.”

From granddaughter Freya: “Why do ducks have feathers on their butts? To cover their butt quack.” 
EPILOGUE: It’s The Most Wonderful Time!
Paradoxically, the past two years really have been a wonderful time to be part of the green industries. Things got back to something more like the old normal, but last year’s pandemic-inspired gardening explosion is still booming.

All of us here at Emerald Coast Growers hope the time has been, and continues to be, wonderful for you. We wish all of you, and all those near and dear to you, a safe, serene, sanguine Christmas.

May your days be merry and bright. May there be no weak links in your supply chain. May all your overwintering perennials nestle snug in their beds with visions of a warm, sunny, profitable 2022 dancing in their crowns. Amen.

Thank you for your business, and for your friendship. See you next year!
John Friel
Marketing Manager