Issue #151
July 2022

Weather weighs on a grower’s mind all year. Winter brings its obvious burdens, spring and fall can be maddeningly unpredictable, but summer just piles on. If there were a way to bank the excess heat of July and August to spend as needed in January and February, we’d all be sitting pretty, wouldn’t we? Forget Bitcoin, we need BTUcoin. 
The Panhandle’s climate is what drew our founders here. It’s among the world’s finest for growing ornamental grasses and a broad range of perennials. Even our summers are milder than much of the South, thanks to ocean breezes. A big difference down here: Unlike up north, night temperatures don’t dip dramatically. That’s an advantage in getting your grass starters going. We’re taking advantage of that advantage now, rooting up Andropogon, Calamagrostis, Juncus and more of the faves your customers crave. And right on schedule, here comes our daily thunderstorm to cool things off!




Even here in the usually-cooler MidAtlantic, meteorologists can safely forecast “Chance of afternoon thunderstorms” most hot, humid July days. Greenhouse staff are reminded to take breaks, seek shade, and keep themselves, not just the plants, hydrated.

In summer, growers and gardeners alike appreciate succulents, like our scintillating selection of Delosperma, Sedum, Sempervivum and Lewisia liners, for their easygoing, low-maintenance way of shrugging off heat. 





Reminder: We’re gearing up for the Perennial Plant Association’s National Symposium, here in Lancaster for the first time next month. ECG is on the growers’ tour. Not registered yet? Hurry over to and get in on it!
About the Rock Star Award

Our Rock Star award honors ECG employees who demonstrate a sustained high level of performance and inspire others.

Our latest recipient: Johnathon Watson, part of the grass production team at Milton. 
From management and peers alike, Johnathon has earned respect for two key assets: His rock-solid reliability, and his willingness to work hard at whatever task is assigned. Those traits were cited repeatedly by those who nominated him.
“Johnathon is a key member of the grass production department. He is responsible for preparing greenhouse locations for new production, moving soil into those areas, and retrieving stock plants from the fields and greenhouses.”
“He is also very reliable with the production process (washing, dividing and sticking) and is instrumental in helping to integrate and train new team members.”
“He is very reliable and hard working.”
“Johnathon is a very good worker.”
“Johnathon is a dependable and hard worker. He takes pride in his work.”
“Hard worker. Good worker.”
Johnathon’s nomination included our first endorsement in Spanish: One of his co-workers declared, “Bien travaja!” which translates to, “Good work!”
“Johnathon is a good friend and he always works hard.”
“Johnathon is a dedicated worker.”
“Johnathon should be the winner because he excels in any type of work. He is very responsible.”
Congratulations, Johnathon! Your contributions have not gone unnoticed. Thank you – and ¡Gracias! You rock!

WHAT'S HOT! (Besides July itself)
When you get your hands on our new catalog – coming soon! -- be sure to scope out the “Fresh Picks” section. There you’ll find:

A Wow! Echinacea selection. If you can’t find something you like in our 45 varieties, there’s just no pleasing you. From small to tall, from economical seed-propagated species to the latest hybrids, we’ve got your coneflower category covered.

The stunning T-REX Begonia series from Terra Nova. In border or container, these beauties rule the shade.

Begonia T-REX™ 'First Blush' PP25974

Two new cultivars of Schizachyrium, the 2022 Perennial Plant of the Year! If you like “little bluestem,” you’re gonna love ‘Smoke Signal’ and ‘Twilight Zone’.

‘Smoke Signal’

‘Twilight Zone’

Independence Day, July 4
Happy Birthday, Uncle Sam! As usual, we’ll hew to our cherished traditions: Barbecues, baseball, and blowing up Chinese fireworks wholesale, terrifying dogs from sea to shining sea.

Cultivate ’22, July 17 - 19
Our touchstone, the biggest and most influential green industry event of the year. Come see us at Booth 2313!

The New ECG Starter Plant Catalog
As always, our launchpad is Cultivate ’22, in Columbus OH. Come feast your senses on 50 new intros in 23 genera! See Tray Bon! below for more info.

Take a Monkey to Lunch Day, July 21
The name kinda says it all, doesn’t it? If you haven’t got a monkey, any simian will do.

Reek Sunday, July 31
Thousands will travel to County Mayo, Ireland to climb the holy mountain Croagh Patrick. The pilgrimage dates to at least the Middle Ages. 


This newly released infertile form from NC State stands 5’ tall in flower. Erect/cascading rich green blades are heavily cross-banded with bold gold bars. It’ll make its debut in our new catalog, but it’s on Availability right now! Be the first on your block to plant a block of High Frequency™ (‘NCMS3’) PPAF. And if you just can’t wait to get a catalog in the mail, and you don’t plan to go to Cultivate, you can read or download it from our website.

Question: If a weather scientist is a meteorologist, what do you call people who study meteors? Shouldn’t they be weatherologists?

Whatever your job title, wherever you are, whatever you’re celebrating, we wish you the best possible weather for it. But whatever the weather, we’ll weather the weather, whether we like it or not.

We hope to see you in Columbus very soon, and/or Lancaster shortly thereafter!

John Friel
Marketing Manager