Issue #94 October 2017
Pumpkins and Punditry
Ah, autumn! A time to wind down, slow down, calm down – unless, of course, you’re a student, a teacher, or a grower. Our end consumer, the home gardener, can look forward to a graceful denouement, brushing leaves from a bench whereon to savor the crisp fall air while sipping cider or (ugh) pumpkin ale; but for a grower, there’s always a chore or more in store. Having a greenhouse means never having nothing to do. 
Many thanks to all who expressed concern about our wellbeing during the recent devastation wrought by hurricane Irma. Fortunately, Pensacola is far west of that particular path of destruction – this time. Please remember those industry colleagues who weren’t so lucky. There are people seriously hurting east of our HQ .
Hakonechloa macra ‘All Gold’ is fattening up in our 50s for your transplanting pleasure. It’s a favorite around here – always vigorous (for a Hak ), always ready to brighten the dark side of someone’s garden. Our production crew has also been crankin’ Carex for your spring planting pleasure. Get the edge with ECG sedge!

Production is also underway on our new TrayMates™ program, the split 72 tray that lets you purchase just 36 plants per variety. For more:
The yearly mischief of adulterating adult beverages with pumpkin and/or pumpkin spice (ginger, nutmeg, anchovies etc.) is not a new phenomenon, though the craft brewery explosion makes it seem so. American brewers have chucked chunks of Cucurbita pepo into their wort since Colonial times. Some bad ideas just won’t die. One nearby pub boasts 115 taps, with 25 of them pouring pumpkin-polluted pints. Enough!
Attention, brewers: If we want something that tastes like pumpkin, we’ll bake a pie. And we’ll wash it down with something that tastes like beer. Thank you.
Our production pedal is pressed to the metal: October availability includes fresh batches of over 100 different varieties of Ornamental Grasses , Perennials and Succulents . They’re not here for decoration, we made them just for you.
Autumn inventory includes a dozen items brand-new to our catalog, like fresh Coreopsis varieties in the Li’l Bang™ , Permathread™ and Satin & Lace™ series from breeder Darrell Probst; three nifty Spintop Gaillardia ; the amazing Rudbeckia ‘American Gold Rush’ ; and Salvia April Night , about which you can read more in Tray Bon! below.
HORTISCOPE Zodiac on wry
Libra : Weigh your options carefully, but don’t wait too long to pull the trigger on heavy decisions. This is no time to scale back. Keep a wary eye on jealous Scorpio.
Scorpio : You get just eight days of October, while Libra hogs the rest? That’s blatantly unfair, and you’d be perfectly justified in stinging that selfish, imbalanced diva.
Fall is the time to prepare for spring sales of early bloomers. Some obvious examples are Aquilegia , a.k.a. columbine, of which we have seven kinds; and Phlox subulata , a.k.a. moss phlox, which we can supply even more amply with 11 varieties. They’re a good start, but don’t stop there: Try our lovely and talented newcomer Salvia Sallyrosa™ April Night . As its name implies, April Night looks a lot like, but flowers weeks sooner than, the more familiar S . May Night (‘Mainacht’).
If you’re a pumpkin beer lover, apologies for dissing your quaff. Don’t let us squash your fun. It’s really not our business how you wind down your day or your season, so Slainte ! The rest of us can relax, knowing the onslaught will pass and brewers will soon be out of their gourds again, in a good way. Meanwhile, we wish you all a Humpty Dumpty autumn -- i.e., have a great fall!
John Friel
Marketing Manager