Of interest to our residents is that East Hampton Village is participating in the East Hampton Town Coastal Erosion Study. The town has engaged consultants to do a town-wide coastal area resilience study which is costing $200,000. 

By entering into a “shared service” agreement with the town, village residents are reaping a great benefit for very little money spent. The Village portion of the study is costing our taxpayers $13,000.  

This study will include an assessment of both public and private properties along the entire village shoreline. It will look at village codes and regulations and examine the vulnerability of village assets.

This is a perfect example of the type of shared service we want to collaborate with the town on because it will produce far more results for us than we would normally achieve with the same level of expenditure.

Once the study is completed, we will be able to use the results to address any deficiencies in our code as it now stands, as well as examining how we can further protect our shoreline through zoning and other legislative initiatives.

We are happy to participate with the town government to achieve the best possible product for our residents. We continue to look for shared service opportunities as our goal is always to benefit our taxpayer. The village and town have done this in other areas as well, such as the joint fuel facility that was recently built on Springs Fireplace Road.

We look forward to the results of this coastal erosion study at the end of this year and will make all documents available to the public as soon as it’s completed.  
Photos by Richard Lewin