Volume 3 Issue 8 | August 2023

As a Home Watch provider, we want each of your return trips to Sarasota to feel as refreshing as the first. Our "Piece of Paradise" newsletters provide a brief glimpse into Florida homeownership, followed by a featured activity for your next visit.

Homeowner Insight

Maybe this month we should call the tip a Pet Owner Insight. For those of you who bring your furry friends (feline or canine) with you to Sarasota, be aware of Sarasota County ordinances related to protecting your pets and the community. Licensing is overseen by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, Animal Services division. Pet owner responsibilities include vaccinating dogs and cats (and ferrets), licensing your pet and keeping the license tag up-to-date, keeping animals under the control of the owner, and removing fecal matter deposited by the animal.

August Piece Of Paradise

Sarasota Jungle Gardens

The flamingos were great and they ate right out of our hands.

This month, it's about the kids. We're letting our children take the lead on telling you what's important about the popular attraction for families who have young members: Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

There was a peacock behind this rock waiting to come out and say "boo!"

Son: The walk through Sarasota Jungle Gardens reminded me of dinosaurs and volcanoes, because they had a Lava Rock Arch. The sidewalks were a difficult maze to navigate.

Daughter: There were many peacocks walking around the park. Some of them had baby chicks. There were also butterflies and dragonflies.

This plant looks like a pteradactyl.

Son: My mom and grandma just wanted to look at the plants.

Daughter: My brother couldn't take the heat. He was overdramatic about it. (But it was too hot.)

Some of the fish looked like babies and others were ginormous.

Son: Besides feeding the fish, we also fed the crocodile, gators, and flamingoes. ... And a duck. Oh, and we fed goats. Feeding the animals was the most entertaining part of our visit. Watch this video to see the flamingos and duck eating from our hands.

Daughter: The flamingos were amazing. I definitely recommend buying flamingo food, it's totally worth it. Plus we got to feed a duck with the flamingo food. The flamingos ate out of your hand, the duck ate out of your hand. The ibises are really cute to waddle behind you when you're feeding them.

Volunteers from the audience are waiting for a surprise during a show.

Son: You should definitely go to one of the shows because they give you surprises if you volunteer - like putting the snake in peoples' arms. And there's a parrot that said hello. And the opossum was cute.

Daughter: I got to pet an opossum at the end of the show.

Nearby or Similar Considerations

Our dog would have loved this playground but sadly we didn't take her.

We decided to spend more time with animals at Boo's Ice House and Dog Bar.

Son: It's a great place for your dogs to have fun and run around. And you get to pet the dogs if you're 18 or older - that's what our waitress said. But the door said 21 years or older. And there was a special event to adopt puppies when we were there, so the kids got to pet some puppies. The food was okay.

Daughter: I liked Boo's, but I didn't like their rules because you have to be 21 to go in with the dogs, which means I couldn't even be with my own dog in the restaurant. We probably won't go back unless it's for an event, because my parents don't want to take care of our dog while we eat. The food was good. I would recommend The Pitbull burger. The events looked cool. We did a puppy event that all the kids (and adults if they wanted) got to play with puppies that were up for adoption. They had all the supplies there to take the puppies home. They also had entertainment for the kids like basketball hoops and a little playground. BUT I wouldn't recommend the adoption event for littler kids because the dogs do jump.

This is the indoor dog & human hangout place. There's a separate dining area away from the dogs where we ate.

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