Volume 2 Issue 12 | December 2022

As a Home Watch provider, we want each of your return trips to Sarasota to feel as refreshing as the first. Our "Piece of Paradise" newsletters usually provide a brief glimpse into Florida homeownership, followed by a featured activity for your next visit - but not this time!

December Piece Of Paradise

Ten Gifts of Home Watch

This December we're reflecting on the ways we've been able to deliver peace of mind to our Home Watch clients. If you are one of our clients, we hope these stories mirror the level of service you have received from us, and reaffirm your decision to rely on Coastal Haven when you are away. We encourage you to share these stories with others who may be looking for a Home Watch provider in Sarasota.

Our Home Watch is more than just routine visits. Here are our Top 10 reasons to gift yourself the service of Coastal Haven Home Watch!

10 - Pre-client Walk-throughs

Before estimating pricing or accepting a client, we prefer to conduct an onsite discussion with the homeowner. This allows us to better understand the desired level of service and become familiar with the home. During one such walk-though, we identified accumulation in the dehumidifier. This allowed the homeowner to take care of the utility not only before it became a problem, but before they even became a client!

9 - Post-departure Assurance

Wondering if you left the oven on, or even if you forgot Kevin? (A little holiday humor for Home Alone fans.) Our post-departure visits have discovered items like an unlocked sliding door on a balcony, and eggs left in the refrigerator. We never mind serving as a second set of eyes for your "returning north" checklist.

8 - Delivery Receipts

Receiving deliveries can be as simple as bringing a package in from the doorstep, or as involved as waiting during a delivery timeframe to accept and direct placement of larger items. During a furniture delivery, we shared a photo of a flaw in the new cabinet with the homeowner. We rejected the delivery on behalf of our client, and were on site to receive a better-quality item the following month.

7 - Service Provider Key-ins

We've met a variety of service providers - handymen, pool maintenance professionals, pest control providers, plumbers - to let them onto or into our clients' properties. While one provider was trying to identify the source of a water leak, he asked "What's on the other side of that wall?" We shared our knowledge of the unit configuration, the neighbor's disposition, and recent rains to assist the inspector in speaking with the resident next door and navigating through her backyard landscape to access the exterior wall of our client's unit - ultimately leading to the discovery of obscured cracks in the exterior wall and roofline!

6 - Emergency Call-outs

When a security system or law enforcement officer reaches out to the homeowner, immediate action is best. We have responded to false alarms from water sensor alerts, verifying for the owner that his unit was dry. When a client received a call about high water usage from the county, we deployed to her house - where we discovered that nearby construction activities had cracked the watermain at her property line.

5 - Pre-storm Preparations

In the days before Hurricane Ian, we visited homes to be sure shutters were up and refrigerators were emptied. Our area did indeed experience flying debris and power outages, so these actions were a wise investment!

4 - Post-storm Evaluations

While we certainly observed major storm damage, some impacts from Hurricane Ian were more subtle. A well-meaning neighbor told one of our clients that his home was free from damage. Upon our visit, we documented and reported missing shingles that had been overlooked.

3 - Regular Visits

Routine visits are the heart and soul of home watch. Not all problems are detected by a remote alert system or county staff; not all problems are caused by hurricanes. While stepping on soggy carpet in our client's closet was an unexpected and unwelcome surprise, we are sure the damage would have been much more severe if it had gone unnoticed for weeks or months!

2 - Return Preparations

Have you ever looked forward to the second day of vacation more than the first? After hours of travel, the to-do list of firing up the utilities and stocking the kitchen can feel daunting. We welcomed clients home this season by purchasing their grocery list items in advance of their arrival. We also turned on the water, the ice maker, the water heater - and the front porch lights.

1 - Peace of Mind

We believe the biggest value of Coastal Haven Home Watch is providing our clients the peace of mind that their home is cared for by a company dedicated to the highest levels of service and professionalism. We are truly honored to be welcomed into your homes and look forward to your continued support in 2023.

Our family wishes you a peaceful holiday season and prosperous new year.

Learn more about our Home Watch services, Florida homeownership, and activity ideas in and around the Sarasota area on the Coastal Haven website.

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