Volume 12 | December 2021
December Piece Of Paradise:
Sarasota County by Slingshot
You've probably seen them on the road and wondered "What is that?" "Is that even street legal?" or "How do I get my hands on one of those babies???!" The answers are 1. A slingshot, 2. Yes, and 3. They are available for rent through multiple vendors in Sarasota County. We used Sarasota Slingshot Rental. The 4-hour two-person rental, required insurance, and gas top-off totaled just under $200.
The contactless check-in process went smoothly and felt like it protected both vendor and renter. One downside is that it took about 15 minutes to complete. But we were looking at these little fun mobiles the whole time, so it helped to build our anticipation for the ride.
Slingshots are recognizable by their two front wheels, single rear wheel, and bat-mobile styling.
We won't beat around the bush when it comes to discussing comfort. The seats are plastic (easy maintenance for an open carriage), there's not a lot of space, the motor is loud and the acceleration and gear shifts feel a bit like a rumbling, roaring rocket launch. Or maybe that's just how we were driving it... But let's be real: we weren't looking for a Lamborghini. We were looking for a thrilling new way to experience Sarasota. The slingshot delivered.
Slingshot views along Casey Key Road (left) and downtown US 41 (right).
We chose a route that would take us through a number of well-known spots in Sarasota County. This meant heading straight for Interstate 75 and south to the 681 Connector. We stepped out of the Slingshot to take in some beauty at North Jetty Park, then enjoyed the drive from the south to north end of Casey Key. US 41 took us to Stickney Point for entry to Siesta Key and a drive along Midnight Pass Road. We made another dip back onto the mainland before taking the Ringling Causeway for a spin around St. Armand's Circle, and turning in the rental. You can get a feel for our ride and our route in this two-minute video.

All in all, this was a great way to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery that Sarasota County has to offer.
Nearby Considerations
North Jetty Park is a popular destination for fishing, kayaking, and simply watching the boats go by.
Considering we drove the slingshot throughout Sarasota County, pretty much any attraction would be considered "nearby" this activity. But we got out to stretch our legs and take a look around North Jetty Park. The park offers easy fishing access, boat watching, a canoe/kayak launch, concessions, and other amenities.

As we were driving through Siesta Key, we were reminded that a coworker had recently recommended Captain Curt's Crab & Oyster Bar. We went right by it, and decided to return the following Friday for an evening cup of the "World's Best Clam Chowder." The chowder did NOT disappoint, nor did the cheerful atmosphere or other delicious menu items.
One of several outdoor dining spaces at Captain Curt's.
"World's Best" award-winning clam chowder..
Homeowner Tip
Don't Neglect Your Ride
Cars.com recommends cars should generally be driven at least once every two to three weeks. Check your auto owner's manual or with the manufacturer for information specific to your vehicle. Maintenance drives help to prevent dead batteries, flat spotted tires and other vehicle issues faced by seasonal homeowners. Coastal Haven Home Watch offers maintenance drives as a Convenience Service.
Coastal Haven Home Watch of Sarasota delivers peace of mind... for your piece of paradise. Share your Sarasota pieces of paradise with us! We'll include them in an upcoming newsletter for other Home Watch clients to consider during their next stay in Sarasota.