Volume 3 Issue 7 | July 2023

As a Home Watch provider, we want each of your return trips to Sarasota to feel as refreshing as the first. Our "Piece of Paradise" newsletters provide a brief glimpse into Florida homeownership, followed by a featured activity for your next visit.

Homeowner Insight

Are you aware that local transmissions of malaria have occurred in the past month in northern Sarasota County? The Department of Health continues encouraging residents to "drain and cover" for the best protection against mosquito bites. Drain standing water from your yard, cover containers or shallow areas where water may pool, and cover yourself with clothing when outside. Other tips are to avoid being outside between dusk and dawn and wear EPA approved mosquito repellents. View this video and/or visit scgov.net/mosquito for information on actions taken by Sarasota County and the Health Department to monitor and mitigate transmissions.

July Piece Of Paradise

McCurdy's Comedy Theatre

The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall isn't the only well-known purple building in downtown Sarasota..

While we appreciate the high culture that's offered in Sarasota's renowned theaters, once in awhile life calls for something slightly less refined. Enter stage left: McCurdy's Comedy Theatre. The McCurdys have been bringing stand-up comedy to Sarasota for 35 years, though not always at their current location.

Decades of comedy history and memories line the walls at McCurdy's, like this newspaper article celebrating 30 years in business.

Most acts are pre-fame individuals hoping to make a name for themselves on the comedy circuit. The "Larry the Cable Guy" act was born at McCurdy's in the 1990s. Comedian Amy Schumer has been quoted as saying she has "so much love for Les and the whole fam at McCurdy's. Thanks for believing in me before anybody."

The main (and only) stage at McCurdy's.

The theater seats a couple hundred audience members. Some seats definitely have a better view than others, but the energy is felt throughout the house. Be prepared: more likely than not the warm-up act will include audience engagement - don't sit under the lights unless you're ready to answer personal questions and share a laugh at your expense.

The bar is fully stocked, presumably under the tested theory that the more you drink, the funnier everything becomes!

This was our second trip to McCurdy's. We arrived planning to order an appetizer and a few drinks, as there is a 2 item minimum order per person. Tables generally seat 4 people and the spacing is tight. We shared our table with a delightful couple from Siesta Key, and the time before the show was quickly lost to conversation.

The mixed drink menu is fairly extensive, but Miranda and our table mate both ended up with a "The Blues Brothers" cocktail.

The primary entertainment for the evening was Steve White, who had us laughing for a good hour. Prior to Steve was quick wit and humor from the emcee, then the warm-up act, and even a surprise performance from a drop-in guest. If you're looking for a few laughs, we definitely recommend a night at McCurdy's!

Nearby or Similar Considerations

A photo we snagged of Georgia, host of Drag Queen Bingo, from online.

Two other possibilities for an evening of laughter are Drag Queen Bingo at the Bahi Hut and improv at Florida Studio Theatre. Full disclosure: we haven't yet tried either one.

The Bahi Hut is Florida's oldest tiki bar and claims to have legendary Mai Tais. It has recently come under new ownership and undergone some renovations. The main attraction is its "escape to the South Pacific" vibe. Sunday nights at The Hut are reserved for Drag Queen Bingo hosted by Georgia Moore. The weekly bingo is free to attend. Multiple sources site Ms. Georgia as comedic entertainment.

We're no strangers to Florida Studio Theatre (FST), but so far have only attended scripted shows. The FST Improv troupe performs every Saturday and most Fridays of the year. If you're looking to test your own skill set, the Florida Studio Theatre School offers improv classes.

If you check either of these programs out, please drop us a line to let us know if we should give them a try!

A screenshot of upcoming FST Improv programs.

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