Volume 6 | June 2021
June Piece Of Paradise:
Florida Studio Theater
Sarasota is bursting with theatrical venues, many of which are represented through the Sarasota Arts and Cultural Alliance. Several years ago we received a wonderful introduction to a number of them through a program called Culture Collective. While it would be tough for us to choose a favorite venue, Florida Studio Theatre offers something for everyone.
FST labels itself as Sarasota's "contemporary" theater, and is actually a campus of five venues in downtown Sarasota. These multiple venues allow them to expand their offerings during the season, as well as conduct impactful community outreach. They bring Children's Theatre to local schools and vice versa, and offer family subscriptions to children's plays for as low as $5 per show. They've also got a phenomenal pulse on the musical flavors of the 50s and 60s, bringing in energetic and impressive tribute performances that have audience members singing and tapping in their seats. (Our favorite so far has been Million Dollar Quartet.) Recently we returned to the theater for a show honoring vaudeville star Sophie Tucker.
The FST campus draws attendees in through its architecture, artwork, and an eclectic mix of show memorabilia.
"Sophie Tucker: Last of the Red Hot Mommas" marks the post-quarantine return of performances to FST.
Ed's Bar welcomes visitors on the north side of the FST campus.
It was obvious that theater patrons were ready to return to a feeling of normalcy. The seats were filled with enthusiastic supporters, feasting their eyes to the lush stage set and treating their spirits to some wine from Ed's Bar. One of the strengths of FST is its ability to reel audience members into the experience.
During the show, "Sophie" welcomed two surprised gentlemen on stage to assist with a song and dance.
Sophie Tucker: Last of the Red Hot Mommas is running through July 11, along with a number of other summer shows. The summer line-up is part of FST's 48th year in business. But the campus has history on top of that history. One of the buildings was built in 1915 for the Sarasota Women's Club. Their members lobbied to beautify downtown Sarasota with street lights, sidewalks, and landscaping. Our thanks to those red hot mommas of a century ago!
Nearby Considerations
After the show we decided to meander just a couple blocks west to the Westin Sarasota's 19th floor establishment, "The Roof Bar and Eats." It seemed like the elevator stopped at every floor on the way up (and down!), but the views were worth the wait. Also worth the wait: their specialty cocktail, the Marina Essence!
The Roof Bar and Eats offers a limited food menu, decent bar selection and expansive views of Downtown Sarasota against the backdrop of Sarasota Bay.
Homeowner Tip
What does "Home Watch" mean?
We've been challenged - understandably so - by marketing efforts to categorize Home Watch Services into an existing service industry label. Property management? Home maintenance? Security services? The reality is that "Home Watch" is an emerging industry, driven by changes in insurance policies that impact owners of seasonal homes. Here's a video that shares a bit about what we do and why.
Coastal Haven Home Watch of Sarasota delivers peace of mind... for your piece of paradise. Share your Sarasota pieces of paradise with us! We'll include them in an upcoming newsletter for other Home Watch clients to consider during their next stay in Sarasota.