Volume 3 Issue 6 | June 2023

As a Home Watch provider, we want each of your return trips to Sarasota to feel as refreshing as the first. Our "Piece of Paradise" newsletters provide a brief glimpse into Florida homeownership, followed by a featured activity for your next visit.

Homeowner Insight

Air conditioners work extra hard during Florida summers, which makes annual HVAC maintenance extremely important in our state. It's not just about keeping your house cool while you're gone - it's about keeping humidity levels low so mold doesn't develop. According to a This Old House article, flat rates for annual maintenance plans can be as little as half the hourly rate charged for emergency A/C repairs. Sounds like the familiar "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

June Piece Of Paradise

Flying Fish Fleet

The Flying Fish docks with a view of the Sarasota skyline.

For years Miranda has said she wished there was a large party-style fishing boat out of Sarasota, similar to Captain Tony's in Fort Myers. The joke was on her - this month we learned the Flying Fish Fleet has been operating out of downtown Sarasota for more than 6 decades! We were so excited to meet the owners, learn more about the business, and bring our kids along on a 4-hour excursion.

Take your pick of boating activities and outfitters departing from Marina Jack's.

The half-day morning trip left from the dock at a very reasonable 8am. To us, it was "full service fishing" at its finest. Not a luxury experience, by any means - but for anyone who's not fished before, who's squeamish about getting a fish off the line, or who doesn't care to clean their catch, this is the way to go!

A pail prepared with cut squid is provided as bait.

The trip starts with an hour-long scenic ride out to deeper waters. (Yes, we saw dolphins.) Then its time to put bait on the hook and drop your line. No casting needed. Once the reel stops spinning, lock it - and wait for a fish to bite. Reel in your catch, allow a crew member to store the catch in a cooler on your behalf, and repeat! It's really very similar to the kids' carnival game with a clothespin and prizes. The prizes are just a bit jumpier.

We caught several species of snapper, and a grouper (released for size).

After a couple hours fishing, it's time to turn back. Take your spot in line and the crew will clean and fillet your bounty for $0.50 per fish.

If the owner Miss Melanie is at the office when you return, she'll snap a photo of you with your harvest (but this photo just shows our harvest).

Sometimes pictures are better than words, and sometimes videos are better than pictures! This one-minute video montage does a great job summarizing our time with Flying Fish Fleet.

Until next time, Flying Fish - we'll meet again!

Nearby or Similar Considerations

The curved architecture of Marina Jack's is visible from the Blue Sunshine Patio.

Of course if you're going to be at Marina Jack's to board a boat, you might as well add a meal to your adventure! Marina Jack's offers three distinct dining experiences. We like the informal atmosphere of the Blue Sunshine Patio. To be honest, the cuisine is fairly standard and the waterfront view is somewhat obscured by boats and docks. Nevertheless, there are a limited number of eateries in downtown Sarasota where a person can actually sit in the vicinity of the water while they dine. True, a couple rooftop bars have been popping up in recent years. Their views of the bay are spectacular, but they don't deliver on the feeling of waterfront dining.

The indoor second floor dining (the Marina Jack Dining Room) has a more refined atmosphere, menu, and view. And the live entertainment is a nice touch! - which is why Marina Jack's remains on our list of recommended places to visit.

The water view from our upper deck, outdoor table.

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