Volume 2 Issue 3 | March 2022
As a Home Watch provider, we want each of your return trips to Sarasota to feel as refreshing as the first. Our "Piece of Paradise" newsletters provide a brief glimpse into Florida homeownership, followed by a featured activity for your next visit.
Homeowner Insight

We've been doing some spring cleaning on our website. Homeowner Tips from previous newsletters can now be found on the Facts for Florida Homeowners page, where we are building a resource library for seasonal homeowners.
March Piece Of Paradise
Bishop Museum of Science and Nature
Remember school projects and field trips that exposed your class to the historic people, plants and animals of your hometown lands? Building or viewing dioramas of local Native American tribes seems to have been a common component. And it provided a totally different perspective on the place you called home!

If you didn't grow up in Florida, you may have no idea about the native people who inhabited the peninsula long before the conquistadors arrived. While we don't recommend sitting in on an elementary school social studies lesson to fill that knowledge gap, a visit to the Bishop Museum of Science and Nature should totally take care of it.
The Bishop exhibits draw a local audience. It may not have the prestige of the Smithsonian, but it is totally approachable. That makes it perfect for adults who may be feeling a bit sheepish when it comes to their lack of knowledge about local natural history.
After purchasing tickets, guests walk into the Great Hall where they are welcomed by a Mastodon fossil.
Although visitors are welcome to choose the order of the exhibits they visit, an instinctive flow begins in the Great Hall and proceeds through exhibits of prehistoric flora and fauna. They are followed by tools, artifacts and interpretive displays that tell the story of the Tocobaga Indians.

A separate area of the first floor is dedicated to a full-dome planetarium. Presentations are given nearly every 1.5 hours in the planetarium, which also has the capability to feature live on-air events. A couple years ago we watched a video presentation that was excellent; on our most recent visit, a volunteer talked us through the constellations. Based on these two experiences, we'd say the gain in this area is hit or miss.
The enchanting storymap of the River Heritage Hall.
The main attractions on the second floor focus on the history of the local community, and the present-day environment. AND... the Manatee Habitat!
The Manatee Habitat has been a long-time favorite of museum visitors..
For many years the Manatee Habitat held Manatee County's most famous resident, Snooty the Manatee. Unfortunately Snooty passed in 2017. Since that time, the habitat has continued to host manatees as they undergo rehabilitation before being released back to the wild. On our visit, three manatees were recovering from severely cold water temperatures. One in particular seemed very lively and eager to entertain!
T-Rex needs no introduction.
The Bishop also hosts temporary exhibits. Walking outdoors among the animatronic dinosaurs of "DinoVenture" - and watching the eyes of children light up all around us - was a sweet little thrill.

One aspect we've not had the chance to experience is a guided tour. They offer these specifically for adult groups. In our experience, guided tours provide "insider" information and anecdotal stories that really bring a museum to life. Let us know if you try it out!
Nearby Consideration
Corwin's serves up some delicious milkshakes and smoothies on a beautiful spring day.
The Bishop Museum is located in downtown Bradenton, mere steps away from the Manatee Riverfront. And even a couple steps closer was Corwin's Ice Cream and Smoothies shop. We stopped in for some treats before a leisurely stroll along the Bradenton Riverwalk. The Riverwalk spans 1.5 miles through downtown Bradenton and is well-traveled by residents. It's one venture of Realize Bradenton, an organization that works to keep the area vibrant.

While we haven't yet explored the restaurants and other venues in downtown Bradenton, it's an other item on our to-do list!
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