Volume 3 Issue 10 | October 2023

As a Home Watch provider, we want each of your return trips to Sarasota to feel as refreshing as the first. Our "Piece of Paradise" newsletters provide a brief glimpse into Florida homeownership, followed by a featured activity for your next visit.

Homeowner Insight

Let's take a break from talking about your house this month, and focus on your body - Public Service Announcement! The temperatures may be less sweltering (dare we say, comfortably cool?) during Florida's winter months, but don't let that lull you into a false sense of security. As one of the southernmost areas in the contiguous United States, Sarasota County's proximity to the equator means the UV Index remains at 5 or above even in December, January, and February. This qualifies as "Moderate" UV on the Environmental Protection Agency's scale, prompting the advisory "Protection needed. Seek shade during late morning through early afternoon. When outside, generously apply broad-spectrum SPF 15 or higher on exposed skin, and wear protective clothing, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses." Seek an annual dermatological exam to track any changes to your skin. If you'd like to incorporate protection from the sun into your home, there are UV blocking windows and window films available.

October Piece Of Paradise

Holiday Shopping for the Floridian

What's so special about Florida during the holidays? The luxury of shopping outdoors at outlet malls!

Full disclosure: we do most of our holiday shopping online. And the really "Floridian" gifts are most readily available in the local Mom and Pops stores of Downtown Sarasota, Venice Main Street, and the like. But there are some essentials that every Floridian should have, and if you've got to buy them - why not enjoy an outside stroll and discounted prices while you shop? The Ellenton Outlet Mall is a short zip up the Interstate and a cheerful place to spend [money on] a winter morning or afternoon.

Huk is a brand known for its lightweight fabrics with built-in SPF protection.

Let's start with clothing. Tank tops are tempting in the Florida heat, but don't forget to protect your skin! Stores like Huk, Columbia, Billabong, and Florida Fishin' Apparel specialize in fabrics that have built-in SPF. Adidas, Asics, LaCoste, Polo Ralph Lauren and more have got you covered for year-round golf, tennis, pickleball, and other athletic outfits.

The Sperry brand is popular with boaters.

There are your typical all-purpose shoe stores (Rack Room, Journeys, Skechers, Steve Madden) but also footwear outlets for Florida "soles" like Sperry and Crocs.

The Oakley sunglasses brand was started in our sunny sister state, California. Colorful umbrellas hang in the Samsonite store.

Florida essentials include sunglasses, hats, and umbrellas. (You've figured out by now that umbrellas come in handy for the rain - AND the sun, right?) These accessories can be found at Oakley, Sunglasses Hut, Lids, Samsonite, and Travel Pro.

Of course when it comes to keeping your ice cubes from melting, you've got to check out the trending designs at Tervis! Did you know Tervis tumblers are manufactured right here in Sarasota County?

If ice cream and chocolate stores don't keep the grandkids happy, this new children's playground will.

A person can work up an appetite when they're shopping! Not to worry. There is a small food court at the mall - but there are also yummy stores like Lindt, Hershey's, Candy Barrel, and a kettle corn vendor. The mall offers plenty of seating (with some landscaping/fountain-scaping along the way). Whether you're in the mood to browse or on a mission to buy, Ellenton Outlets is a good bet for today's Florida man or woman.

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