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Coastal Plant Passes Performance Test
Orono, Maine - The Municipal Review Committee (MRC) is pleased to announce that it has accepted Coastal Resources of Maine's certification of successful completion of its required performance test. As a result, on Friday, November 1, all of MRC members' waste and co-mingled recycling has been sent to the Coastal facility in Hampden on a nonstop basis.
"We are thrilled that Coastal Resources of Maine has been cleared to receive all 115 MRC members' waste and recycling," said MRC Board of Directors President Karen Fussell. "This is a tremendous milestone to use advanced technology for recycling and solid waste processing. We are set to increase our recycling and diversion rates to help the region move up on the solid waste hierarchy. This is an exciting time to be in Maine."
Coastal Resources began the rigorous acceptance test on Monday, October 21 and wrapped up on Friday, October 25 with all hands-on deck, from Fiberight and Coastal employees to equipment manufacturers to MRC staff and consultants. The MRC has accepted the results, which confirms the formal start of full commercial operations.
"We are proud of Coastal/Fiberight's team for this accomplishment. We are looking forward to the future with our development partner. We will continue to work with Coastal to improve and optimize the plant's performance to further enhance the diversion rates," said MRC Executive Director Michael Carroll. "What started out as an idea has come to reality due to the vision of the MRC Board of Directors and trust and persistence of MRC Joining Members. Throughout this entire process they have demonstrated, even under intense pressure, their determination to reach the end goal to sustainably process waste for our members in the long-term. History has been made, and we congratulate all those who are involved."
As of Friday, November 1, the MRC and Coastal are no longer operating in bridge waste capacity. MRC members are strongly encouraged to submit requests for transportation reimbursement for bridge waste costs prior to November 1 in a timely manner. During June 2019's Special Board Meeting, the MRC established a reimbursement submission deadline of 60 days after Coastal's commercial operations date.
About the MRC:
The MRC, a non-profit organization, was formed by municipalities in 1991 and has played a critical role in ensuring our long-term, affordable and environmentally sound waste disposal ever since. MRC member communities have begun to send their MSW to Fiberight's Coastal Resources of Maine facility in Hampden, a next generation recycling and solid waste processing facility. Its combination of straightforward technologies will help move solid waste management and true resource recovery well into the 21st century. Online at    
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