On Wednesday, September 11, first responders, Scout Troop 41, and members of the community gathered together at the Hampden Town Office to pay tribute and give a proper retirement to an estimated 50 American Flags that have been recovered by Coastal Resources of Maine employees.

When asked for comment MRC Executive Director Michael Carroll said, "This is precisely one of the many reasons the MRC chose Coastal Resources to come to Maine. We knew it would be the best economic decision for our members and the environment but also their compassion and ability to step outside of the box. I'm sure it would have been much easier and more cost effective for Coastal just to let the flags go down the belt and get processed, but they did not. Coastal did the right thing and took the time to make sure the flags received the respect they deserve and a proper retirement. I commend Coastal on this and am very proud to be in such a partnership with this exemplary organization."

Fiberight's Director of Community Resources, Shelby Wright is encouraging the community to seek out a local VFW or Boy Scout Troop if they need help determining the best way to retire and properly dispose of the American Flag.

Check out the links below to the press reports on the tour: 

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Should you have any questions, please visit our website at  www.mrcmaine.org , contact Executive Director Mike Carroll (207) 664-1700,
or  execdirector@mrcmaine.org  or contact a  MRC Board Member .   
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