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Base Camp Connect - Mobile Communication System 

BTECH Battery Monitoring Systems

  Cobham - Aeroflex Radio Test Sets & communications Analyzers

Deviser Instruments RF Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Cable & Antenna Analyzers, Ethernet testers, OTDRs

EMP Solutions Lightning & EMP Protections Devices

EM WAVE Antennas for Multi-Band systems, portables, 4G/LTE, cellular, VHF/UHF/700/800/900 MHz, mobile & fixed station sites

Simoco Radios - Conventional/Analog, Project 25, DMR, & MPT-1327 portables, mobiles, and base stations; Voting & Simulcast Infrastructure solutions; traffic manager software, etc.

Survey Technologies, Inc. (S.T.I.) - Indoor & Outdoor Geographic Signal Coverage Mapping, Audio Quality, Compliance Testing, etc.

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3920B, 8800SX, & 3550R 
Radio Test Set

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This promo is valid through March 31st, 2017 only!  Please hurry to take advantage of this huge savings!

Below is the 3920B promo:

Below is the 8800SX promo:

Below is the 3550R Promo:

    If you would like a new promotional quotation for the 3920B , 8800SX, or the 3550R Radio Test Set, or if you have questions about the promotion packages, please contact us anytime at (714) 401-8900,   or send us an email by clicking here!


Below you can view our new products:

Jack Hoffman Associates, Inc now represents Base Camp Connect in CA, NV, AZ, & HI!

      Base Camp Connect is the only user-deployable communication system you can transport anywhere, making true interoperability possible between voice, data, and radio equipment/technology in a 5-minute setup without the need of a technician.
     The efficiency and reliability of Base Camp Connect is based on several communication technologies: Mobile Network, Landline Network, Satellite Connection and Radio. Thus, you are ensured to have access to communication anywhere, anytime.
     In minutes, the user has an Internet connection, an entire telephone system and radio interoperability between up to 10 radio networks without any technical assistance.
     Every system is customizable to answer the needs of each organization.

Please contact us or additional info for
  Base Camp Connect.

     JHA now represents BTECH throughout California Arizona, & Nevada!
     BTECH is the world leader in battery monitoring and are the complete solution provider for battery monitoring and management.  The S5 battery monitoring system is BTECH's premiere battery monitoring solution for data center UPS and large scale critical backup power systems.  

     The BTECH S5 battery monitoring & validation systems are designed specifically for any battery system.  BTECH's impedance measurement technology is considered the reference method for stationary monitoring system ohmic testing.  BTECH's S5 system has the sensitivity & high-end filtering required for finding failing cells in any application & UPS/Charger type.  BTECH's patented rate of change analysis finds bad units well before they pose a risk to your critical systems.  BTECH;s S5 system uses fewer wires than any of our competitors.  The wire set is pre-designed, pre-terminated, & tested; cutting installation time in half while increasing system reliability.


     Jack Hoffman Associates, Inc is now proud to announce that we represent Onscene Technology in California, Arizona, Nevada & Hawaii.  Onscene offers a mobile digital video recording platform; license plate & facial recognition solutions; fleet management & commercial driver safety products.  Onscene's products benefit Law Enforcement, state & local governments, any agency involved with fleet management, and specialty transportation situations - such as prisoner transport, school buses, etc.
OnScene's engineering team has been focused on law enforcement needs for over a decade.  They are one of the few who have successfully transitioned from analog to digital technology.  They have several first in class achievements in the law enforcement/first responder space.  The proven ability to acquire the best technology and integrate it to meet our customer's needs uniquely positions us compared to our competition.  Onscene is not a one size fits all solution but rather they constantly evaluate best in class technologies and customize them into their applications providing our customers the most robust superior applications to meet their needs today with an eye on tomorrow.  The convergence of wireless networks and technology provides meaningful applications for both law enforcement and commercial enterprises.
The ubiquity of smart devices and wireless networks coupled with the internet of things is truly in its infancy.  OnScene's skillset positions us at the epicenter of this information stack on the hardware and software side across all mobile applications.  The cascading effect of data collection leveraged with enhanced real-time decision making ability has force multiplier applications from business critical to next generation business intelligence.  OnScene plans to be the market leader in this space.
Let Onscene share their vision, experience and accomplishments to help your organization meet its needs and reach its goals for solving today's problems while being fully prepared for tomorrow's challenges.  At OnScene they believe the power of tomorrow is today.

Please take a look at Onscene's mobile digital video recording system:

Contact us for additional info, pricing, etc.


     E/M Wave. was formed in 2006 by a core team of seasoned Sales and Engineering professionals from the mobile communications antenna industry.  Several key members of the group worked together for over 15 years with the Antenna Specialists Division of Allen Telecom Group.  With combined experience of over 40 years of service with A/S, EM Wave believes that there are distinct advantages of designing and marketing innovative mobile antenna products for existing and  emerging markets.
     The mobile communications industry has changed significantly over the last 30 years, including increased operational frequency bands coupled with higher frequency spectrum. Most antenna manufacturers primarily focused on modifying scalable product for the emerging frequency bands and technologies, often overlooking opportunities to improve, or innovate, features on existing products.  By listening to customers and combining products for specific needs, we have seized an opportunity to develop enhanced products for a variety of vehicular and fixed point applications.
     The E/M Wave advantage starts with an experienced understanding of  customer expectations, coupled with innovative engineering, quality components, and competitive manufacturing, We offer our customers greater antenna value for their money!

Please contact us for additional information & pricing. Visit the Jack Hoffman Associates Website!
EM Wave Antenna Products
Tri Band Duplexed Antenna Kit w/GPS (L1) 
108-174 / 450-520 / 746-870 MHz

Features : 

*  Complete Tri-Band coverage for ALL LMR/Public Safety Bands operating in VHF 108-174 MHz, UHF 450-520 MHz and 746-870 MHz

*  Optimal in-band performance with precision 50 ohm impedance, low insertion loss and field tunable VHF frequency selectivity.

*  Scalable to meet system performance requirements for VHF: 
* Frequency, Field Tune EMFLX-M10001
* VSWR & Bandwidth
* Gain

*  UHF/700/800 MHz Fixed Frequency * EM-M22001

*  Optional Upgrades/ Interchangeability Mechanical Specifications
* Accommodates optional user/installer preference for ¼ wave, ½ wave, 5 dB and GPI antennas without compromising required system gain.

*  Model EM-MG11006-SP NMO/GPS Combination Mount included for VHF/GPS band antenna installation.
e/m-Flex Poly Spring VHF/UHF Antennas


Poly Spring VHF/UHF Quarter-Wave Roof Mount Antenna
108-520 MHz

* NMO Mount, B la ck Chro me Finish
* Flexible Black Polymer Alloy Spring 
* Broad Band, Field Tunable 
* O-ring seal for waterproof construction
* Durable Xenoy™ base wi th TPV over mold dust        seal and grip ring
EM-MX Series "X"-Nut Antennas 
108-960 MHz

     Our EM-MX Series antennas incorporate the latest technological advances in materials and design for economical applications without compromising antenna system performance, quality and reliability. The X-Nut series is designed specifically for applications where traditional Chrome Nut Quarter-wave antennas are deployed.  The whip is constructed of 300 series stainless steel featuring highly conductive black chrome plating offering a quality finish and durability.  Dual Shot Xenoy ™  /TPV injection molded base, with dual seal tenants for weatherproofing maximize dust and water ingress. The X-Nut series delivers up to 10% more operational bandwidth than most other competing low-end Chrome Nut products.

108-960 MHz 
1/4 Wave Field Tunable NMO Type

Changing the way you think about "More Antenna Value!" 

* Stylish high-impact, dual shot Xenoy™/TPV base 
* Insert molded brass NMO ring truly eliminates mating concerns of dissimilar metals 
* Dual seal construction for weatherproof protection 
* Easy hand-installation for positive RF connection, 
* Durable Black Chrome finish for high conductivity and quality appearance 
* Delivers up to 10% more operational bandwidth than comparable low-end Chrome Nut designs 
* Field Tune model available for custom frequency and installation applications 
* No installation tools required

EM-M22001 LMR Poly Pro 
Flexible Multi-Band Antenna 
UHF/700-900 MHz NMO Applications 

* Capacitive Coupled Design Optimizes Signal  Performance while Maintaining Low-Profile Tapered  Form Factor 
* Flexible Elastomeric Polymer Housing Resists High    Speed Impact from Debris and Low Hanging  Obstructions 
* Dust and O-ring Seals for Reliable High Pressure  Car Wash & Water-resistant IP66 Performance 
* Rugged "All Brass" Construction with Black Chrome  Finish and Silver Plated NMO Contact Maximizing  Conductivity and System Reliability 
* Multi-band Performance to Comply Simultaneously  with LMR Operational Bands for 400/700/800/900  MHz

Multi-band GPS Roof Mount Antenna

* Aesthetically pleasing aerodynamic design 
* Low-Profile for minimal visibility and high pressure  car wash survivability 
* UV Stabilized, High Impact Xenoy™ housing 
* Rugged aluminum die cast base for high strength  mechanical mounting and reliability
* Silicone Rubber gasket and dual O-ring seals for  reliable waterproof installation


      Thank you very much for your time & consideration.  If you have any questions, need any additional information, would like product pricing or official quotations, please give us a call anytime at (714) 401-8900, or email us at info@jhoffmanassoc.com .

     You can also find a lot of great detailed information, data sheets, training videos, specifications, etc. for all of our products HERE & at the link for our website below.

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