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Cobham floored by FreeStyle ESD
Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions recently chose FreeStyle ESD flooring for its facility in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. The project will include the installation of 2,320 tiles or 5,521 square feet.
Cobham designs, develops, and manufacturers micro electronics, antenna sub systems, and motion control solutions for defense and security worldwide. Cobham also offers solutions for communication on land, at sea, and in the air and space. It serves defense, wireless/mobile, and fixed broadband, X-ray imaging, medical, industrial, and point-of-sale markets. 

This deal, brokered by Spartan Surfaces Keith Knecht, is not the first time Cobham has purchased our flooring. Previously, the company bought our industrial SelecTile ESD and decorative FreeStyle ESD tiles for several projects. With t he trend in manufacturing for smaller devices generating greater static electricity, Cobham sees the value in our ESD products that can effectively minimize the impact of static electricity. Additionally, they see the benefits of our unique interlocking edge design to eliminate the need for adhesives, making installation quick and inexpensive.

For more information on our FreeStyle ESD products, check out our digital binder below.
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