Another successful NAIAS in Cobo Center puts more than 3,500 people to work

Cobo Center is an economic engine for the Metro Detroit region, and we take our mission to provide local jobs by booking more events very seriously
More than 3,500 people were employed during the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Cobo Center.   Included in that total are all of the union employees that come into Cobo Center to work during major events for security, janitorial, food and beverage and the construction of the exhibits and displays.

Also driving job growth is a rise in major events in Cobo Center, a number that has quadrupled since 2012.

Cobo Center Events Bring Jobs
Cobo Center Events Bring Jobs

"We have doubled the annual number of stagehands hired to set up theatrical displays in event exhibits," said Claude Molinari, Cobo Center general manager. "And I had a representative from another union tell me rather recently that for the first time in many years, none of their members had to file for unemployment during the summer because of the work available in Cobo."

Part of the mission of the Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority, the governing body of Cobo Center, is to maximize positive economic impact, creating region-wide jobs and expanding business opportunities for the benefit of business stakeholders and the local community.

"The union leadership was very progressive in working with us, and that has led to more shows," said Molinari, "which in turn led to more work for the membership."

NAIAS and the Cobo Center executive team are currently negotiating a second, long term contract to keep the auto show in the center. The first five-year contract signed in 2012 ended this year.  Additionally, SAE International just signed a seven-year contract that will keep the SAE World Congress Experience in the facility through 2025.
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