In This Issue:
A. New Owner Line-up for Gir-r-r-l and Zephyr’s Cockapoo Babies

B. Sort-of Successful/Unsuccessful Upcoming Litter—SOLD OUT

C. New-Owner Line-up for Lullaby and Uber Khan’s Litter

D. Leptospirosis is Going Around... 

Pup Alert  Newsletter
February 12th, 2017
Cockapoo Puppy Update

Born on January 21, 2017
Six-Week Old Final Puppy Payments Due on March 6, 2017
Your Puppy Can Come to His/Her New Home between May 19-21, 2017 Pick-Up Destination to be Announced.
A Few Photos Are Attached

A couple of future new-pup owners cannot take their puppy home when it 8- weeks old and ready for a new home the weekend of May 19-21. These deposits have been moved to the next Cockapoo litter. Pup Alert newsletter information regarding upcoming litters will be sent to ALL subscribers...and that’s the most efficient way to keep up with all XANADU happenings. The following persons have submitted deposits and are in line for a puppy from this litter. Unless a Guardian male from this litter is also kept in XANADU’S breeding program—and let me know if you’d be interested—and unless there are unanticipated changes in this line-up, this litter is probably sold out. As you will see, more people want one of Gir-r-r-l’s pups than there are pups in her litter.

Gir-r-r-l is distinguished by her stellar personality as a family dog— playful, loving, curious, interactive, great with the children, blue-eyed and beautiful! Zephyr is a no-shed GORGEOUS phantom. But his distinguishing and most noticeable characteristic is happiness. How cool is that!

Please let me know if your name follows—and you cannot take your puppy home when it is ready. AND please let me know if your name should be here, but isn’t. No worries; we’ll find your deposit and put it in line for a darling puppy.

1. GUARDIAN FEMALE Nancy T. / Deposit, Nov. 8 No-Shed

2. POSSIBLE AVAILABLE GUARDIAN MALE POSSIBLE This Pup Has Not Been Reserved; Please contact me if you are interested.

3. MALE LITTER PICK Jan D, Deposit, Oct 7, 2016

4. Tara Westlund Deposit, Sept. 21, 2016

6. Nancy Stripple Deposit, Oct 2016

7. Kimberley S. Deposit, JAN 13 2017 

Upcoming Breedings

Apologies to Those Who Were Hoping for a Puppy from Eureka and River

Eureka’s Sonogram shows one puppy, although there was some reason to think there might be two...maybe. This ONE puppy has to be a Guardian pup, and will be kept by Eureka’s Guardian.

Deposits for this litter will be transferred to another mini- Goldendoodle litter. Ten possible options follow; please choose a litter (and please have two parent-pairs in mind in case of breeding failure). These breedings have not occurred. Included below are multigenerational Doodle crosses, Cockapoo crosses, and mini-Goldendoodle Cross Litters. Please let me know from which litter you would like to choose a pup:

aa. Holly & Champagne—This litter is only 1⁄2 Goldendoodle: Holly is a beautiful blue-eyed Cockapoo female who will be bred to mini- Goldendoodle, Champagne. There are long-standing deposits on this Cockapoo litter and puppy availability depends on litter size. Litter Pick Male and Female have been reserved, but a Guardian puppy will be available; this pup has not been reserved. Please contact me if you are interested in a Guardian pup from this very popular litter. The availability of a puppy from this litter depends on litter size. If your deposit for a puppy is more recent and if Holly does not have an unexpectedly large litter, or if you are not interested in a Guardian puppy, you may not get a pup from this litter. For Holly’s size, a litter of four-five puppies would be considered an average-sized litter. If you have submitted a deposit for this litter and do not receive a puppy, your deposit can roll over to the next litter. The timing of our Upcoming Litters cannot yet be predicted, but more litters are noted below. Those with deposits for a puppy from Holly & Champagne’s litter (may) include:

1. Guardian Female Available - Please contact me if you are interested in this Guardian girl.

2. Michael & Karen T, Litter Pick Female

3. Heidi A. Deposit, Oct. 2016

4. Jessica N.

Deposit, Nov. 2916 5. Holly Brekke

Deposit, Dec. 23, 2016 6. Kori W.

Deposit, Jan. 13, 2017 7. Doc K.

Deposit, Jan. 14, 2017

bb. Segway and Quanah (Probably a May breeding w/ ready-to-go-home baby Doodles in Sept.)—This multigenerational small-Doodle litter is expected to be NO-SHED. Segway is active and very smart! Quanah has the eternal-puppy look, even as an adult. He is a calm, good boy. Puppies should weigh about 25 pounds or so as adult dogs. Only brown eyes are expected in this litter.

cc. Cashmere and ??? Cashmere’s mate has not been confirmed just yet, BUT this will be a very popular XANADU Multigenerational medium-sized Doodle litter. We do hope for some blue eyes and no- shed coats. More information coming.

dd. Padma and (most likely) River / possibly Snow This litter will be a small Aussiepoo X mini-Golden Retriever litter or a small Aussiepoo X Cockapoo litter.

ee. Stardust and (most likely) River / possibly Snow, but if this is a late-season breeding, there are other possibilities, too. Puppies could be Aussiepoo X mini-Golden Retriever or Aussiepoo X Cockapoo or true XANADU Multigenerationals.

ff. Multi-gen Doodle, Merry (Golden Retriever Chase’s daughter) is expected to be bred to Cockapoo, Gentry O’Doodle for a small, no- shed litter of multigenerational puppies. Puppies should be brown-eyed.

gg. Aussiepoo X Goldendoodle, Uhura is expected to be bred to two males by frozen semen insemination. One male is Ivan-the-Hairable, a blue-eyed Maltipoo. Puppies should be extremely popular, and there will be at least two Guardian pups. If two males are used in insemination, the other is a tri-color grizzle agility/coursing athlete. Puppies will be extraordinary and absolutely unique. Special advertising for this lineage will be’s just that unusual. To be discussed later.

hh. Aussiepoo/King Chs. Spaniel, Ireland and Cockapoo, Snow, Puppies will be low-and-no-shed, small (20-25 lb. or so). Blue eyes ARE expected.

ii. Babycakes and Inky (or Snow) will be bred for a mini- multigenerational Cockapoo X mini-Goldenretriever X Aussiepoo litter. Expect no-shed, small, blue-eyed and brown-eyed very popular puppies.

jj. Luna is expected to be bred to Quanah for a small, no-shed multigenerational Doodle litter.

Please also note that there are also deposits for Aussiepoo pups, Bernedoodle pups, Goberian pups, Pomsky pups, and Multigenerational XANADU pups.

What to Do While Waiting for Your New Puppy

Shop for Baby Things

  1. A List of things that you will need is attached
  2. Read a Book about Puppies: I recommend a book like The Tao of Puppy by Krista Cantrel
  3. Subscribe to a great new pet care magazine called, Dogs Naturally: naturally-magazine/
  4. Enjoy this Cute Video with your family: UNPAID BABY SITTERS—Inspirational photos of kids and pets to enjoy while you are waiting-waiting-waiting for your new puppy: 
Leptospirosis - It's Going Around
E-Mail Correspondence Follows:

I just received the following message:

---------- Forwarded message ----------

For about one week Princessa has been lethargic...not wanting to move ( we had been sick for 10 days prior)...but she was eating and thought it would pass. I finally took her to the vet (different than her regular one) on Thursday...They gave her different food and Rimadyl but no change and so brought her back Friday after she threw up ( maybe from Rimadyl) to do
some blood work up. Not really a temp and all tests were fine, but they gave her fluid under the skin. Today I made her chicken and rice and she ate that and drank...but is still malaise and walks slowly. I'm going to monitor her and on Monday have her regular vet check her records/tests to make sure nothing was missed. Have you experienced this before? Any ideas?



My Reply:

Jane, Leptospirosis is going around. In one Guardian family (Ashoka's family),

both dogs and possibly the 1 1/2 year old baby had it and were all are under a doctor's care. The older dog is especially at risk. She's 15. The Guardian doesn't think the baby's illness is related to the dogs' later illness, but that would be the common incubation period.

There are many kinds of Lepto., but a blood test should spot it IF the blood test is broad enough:

I'm a bit suspicious, because you and your husband were ill first. In the late summer and fall, WE HAD A HUGE RODENT INFESTATION IN COLORADO, and often rodent urine is one agent of infection--but it could come by contact with any mammal urine, and in Colorado, we've got animals!

Jane, this is just a suggestion of what could be a problem. I am not a vet., just an observer. The Wikipedia article (above link) is pretty good.

Because the new veterinarian doesn't know what is wrong, because Lepto is going around, because Princessa’s new doctor has prescribed Rimadyl for Princessa, and because both Lepto AND Rimadyl contribute to liver damage, I wouldn't use Rimadyl. It is for pain and won't cure Princessa's problem.

Some bold person(s) is(are) publishing quite a few animal prescription articles on Wikipedia. While the article about Leptospirosis isn't challenged, many of the vet-prescribed drug-articles have disclaimers here and there. Is Wiki trying to avoid rocking the boat of Big Pharma? I dunno, but I found the Rimadyl (Carprofen) article VERY HELPFUL/USEFUL, and perhaps Wikipedia is duly diligent. You might want to send a note to the magazine I’ve been recommending, Dogs Naturally, and get their take on any questions you may have—and I do trust my veterinarians at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Ft. Collins.

Again, I am not a vet, but I'd stop using the Rimadyl. Let your veterinarian know that Leptospirosis is going around in Colorado (I'll make note of it in my next Pup Alert newsletter, too), and ask that blood work include screens for Lepto.

It could be that chicken soup with rice is a BEST practice treatment. But if Leptospirosis is the cause, some kind of penicillin may be prescribed. In feedback I've received from others, Lepto does stand out at this particular time.

Please let me know what the veterinarian finds in the blood tests, AND if he prescribes penicillin of some kind, and THANK YOU for writing to me about our beautiful furry family member and Guardian.

Sheron--who is not a veterinarian...and there could be so many other causes of Princessa's sickness. 

Thank you for your interest in a XANADU puppy. 

Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD, XANADU Proprietress 

Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Phone:  970-708-8030