Special Newsletter on Coconut Endosperm - Rich in Kinetin

Coconut Endosperm

Natural source of Kinetin, a phytohormone that stimulates cell growth.
Coconut Endosperm provides nutrients, and supports
healthy capillary growth.
It revitalizes and jump starts the skin. It also helps support skin hydration. Coconut Endosperm is derived from Young Coconut Water.

We have several products that contain coconut endosperm.

Our featured product is Coconut/Chocolate Nutritive Gel
which we have on sale for 30% off

Other products that contain Coconut Endosperm -

Coconut Revival Serum (with Tamanu Oil)
Coconut Revival Serum (no Tamanu Oil)
Coconut Revival Cream
Coconut Paradise Nutritive Serum
Nutrition for the Skin Serum

You can find all of them here