Cocooned Within

The sun has set already, several hours ago.
Just the moon, the bright moon shines in the quiet sky.
With the pollution gone, I have found the stars each night,
The children and i say good night to the day,
In awe of the moon and the way she moves across the sky. 

And suddenly in the distance the sirens wail.
A reminder of our reality.
Curfew and all must be indoors.
In the business of the day, I sometimes forget about being quarantined.

It has been more than 80 days that we have been in this house.
The children have learned to play new games, to draw new things, to sing new songs.
The staff has cut each other's hair, cooked different meals, experimented in the bakery.
Late nights and early nights with devotions every night and staff exercise before bed. 
Some days we have had snacks and some days we have not.  
But this house has not wanted for food.
It has been hard to adjust to be allowed out only once a week to the market
Learning to store food differently, to cook differently, and to find ways to make meals exciting.
Vegetables have been hard to get. fruit some days impossible to find.

It has been hard work some days, to keep the schedule going
To fill in for the vacancies of staff and to find the energy to do the mundane.
It has been a challenge some days
To keep the children busy and mostly ignorant to the virus raging outside.
But I have found that in the midst of the turmoil, there is peace.
I have found that the blessing is in the simple things.
Running water. Electricity. Sacks of rice.
Health and strength. 
It is in the laughter of the children.
And it is in their worship and their prayers. 

How my heart is in awe of the never ending mercies of God.

Life is not easy, no.
But a host of angels has surrounded this home and we have been cocooned within.

And blessed.

And I am thankful. 

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1Thes 5:13
Whatever you give, will make a difference as we work in bringing care,
healing and hope to children in crisis.
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