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11 January 2022
11 de enero 2022
Date Changed: Join Us Now on March 3
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February 3 de febrero
What’s New With FDC?
with Coordinators Jocabed Gallegos and Mark Adams
March 3 de marzo
Mutual Mission: Lessons Learned at the Border
with Catherine May, PhD
April 7 de abril
Freeing Congregational Mission: A Practical Vision for
Companionship, Cultural Humility, and Co-Development
A book study with the author, the Rev. Dr. Hunter Farrell,
Director of the World Mission Initiative, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Support your local book store by purchasing Dr. Farrell’s book from bookshop.org.
You can also order directly from the publisher, InterVarsity Press (ivpress.org),
or on Amazon.com.
May 5 de mayo
Coffee, Migration and Faith
Café Justo: 19 Years of Responding to Root Causes of Migration
June 2 de junio
Choosing Welcome in the Face of Rejection:
Migration in the Borderlands
July 7 de julio
The Border as a Place of Encounter:
Life and Faith of Frontera de Cristo
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Coffee and Compassion
Frontera de Cristo and Café Justo developed the Coffee and Compassion program in 2020 in response to the economic downturn due to COVID and the concurrent drop in sales of Café Justo when churches stopped meeting together in person. The program has been an amazing success, and we thank everyone who participated.

You can continue to order your coffee online here and help your sisters and brothers during the pandemic. You will receive delicious 100% organic coffee cultivated, roasted, and shipped by the Café Justo cooperative and you will also be helping families affected by COVID-19. To order by mail instead of online, just download this form.
Please enjoy our videos about Café Justo, the coffee growers and their families, and the blessing of this amazing cooperative to folks on both sides of the border. 
Watch the initial dedication of the Café Justo y Mas coffee shop
and the setting of the peace pole on June 4, 2016.

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