Francois Lominy & His Family's Story
"When you buy Just Haiti coffee,
you are buying his coffee!" 
The Lominy family has four children, two girls and two boys. They live in a mountain village called Fond Tortue. 

They are part of an organization of small-scale coffee planters called "Kafe Devlopman Baradè" (KDB), organized since 2006 in the department of Nippes in the commune of Baraderes.

KDB has been partnering with Just Haiti since 2008, which was the year they started to send coffee to the United States.
The first shipment of coffee was in November 2008. KDB sent 26 pounds total; the Lominy family contributed 5 pounds. At that time, the family owned two small portions of land used to grow coffee. Now they have four portions of land covered with coffee and other plants.  
Francois says, "When I send my coffee to Just Haiti through KDB to sell, I get more money per pound than the price in the local market. I also receive some profit after sales, and I use this to pay for my children's school fees, pay the hospital when it is necessary, buy food and take care of my family. I was even able to buy the materials to build and repair my house.
I salute and thank Just Haiti for the work done in coffee production in Haiti especially in the commune of Baraderes."

Now KDB sends more than three thousand pounds a year, and the Lominy family contributes around eight hundred pounds per year.

Francois says, "I am comfortable in this business."
"When you buy Just Haiti coffee,
you are buying his coffee!"
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