Coffee Talk Newsletter
April 27, 2016

Let us share our ideas on Life, LTC, Annuity and DI with you!
Help Small-Business Owner Clients Protect the Life of Their Business

It's good business to plan ahead.  Life insurance can provide an income-tax-free death benefit to your clients' beneficiaries.  It can also help cover many other small-business needs and serve as an excellent employee retention tool.  Are you prepared to discuss these needs and solutions with your small-business clients?  Allianz business life insurance brochure provides an overview of common business strategies that may be appropriate for your clients.
Big Things Happening in Annuities 2016

  Watch a
update video.
The 2016 Fingertip Tax Guide is now available.

  This handy reference tool gives estate and income tax rates for the year and much more.    Click here to access the guide.
How to Close Policy Review Sale

The next time you conduct a policy review, remember to quote Protective Advantage Choice UL, a competitive GUL solution that can adapt to meet a variety of situations.  See how it can help you win the sale with these sample clients.
Need Help Explaining Income 
Annuity Payment Options?

With nine different payment options to choose from, clients need your help to know which is the right fit for them.  How well do you know the options?  Keep the Income Annuity Payment Options flier handy to refresh your memory.
Learn how Performance LTC can help 
your clients plan for retirement


The New Ways to Sell flier focuses on your clients who may be thinking about retirement.  It demonstrates the flexibility of the product's payment options, including how Performance LTC can be structured to end premium payments once your clients' working years are over.