Coffee Talk Newsletter
May 19, 2016

Let us share our ideas on Life, LTC, Annuity and DI with you!
Are Your Clients Overlooking a Tax-Free Retirement income Sources?

Head over to Sound Insights from your mobile device and check out the latest episode:  Are Your Clients Overlooking a Tax-Free Retirement Income Source?  You'll hear a compelling life insurance strategy that, in addition to providing a death benefit, can help supplement retirement income when delaying Social Security.
A Multi-Year Option for Long-Term Savers

Get to know the American Pathway Solutions MYG .  Discover a product that offers long-term protection with market value adjustment and multi-year guaranteed rate periods to choose from - five, six or seven years in new York, and from five to 10 years in most other states.
Sometimes Win

You're not in school anymore......Keep this generational "cheat-sheet"  handy for quick tips on relationship building and communication styles when talking to clients.  More info on generational selling from AIG.
Long-Term Care Insurance:  
An Industry in Transition

A new thought leadership brochure takes an objective look at the factors that have created challenges for the LTC industry.  It also provides an overview of what John Hancock has learned and how these insights have influenced the design of our innovative Performance LTC product.   Performance LTC offers traditional coverage on a modern framework, resulting in a product that is both valuable and sustainable over the long-term. 
Deduct up to 3 Tables

The Accordia Life Credits program provides an individualized underwriting approach for each potential insured and applies credit based on favorable health facts.   With this approach, all submitted permanent life insurance applicants under the age of 81 are eligible to receive underwriting credits that can reduce a subjective rating up to three (3) tables.  Accordia Life can apply credits from Preferred to Table 8.