Coffee Talk Newsletter
October 24, 2016

Let us share our ideas on Life, LTC, Annuity and DI with you!
10 Reasons to Sell Disability Insurance

1. Your prospect/client needs it

2. The need is easily understandable by your prospect

3. Your competition may propose it

4. Business and estate planning are not complete without it

5. DI insures the greater and more likely risk

6. DI ties the client closer to you

7. It is an excellent entry into the professional market

8. DI opens the door for future sales

9. DI stays on the books

10. The 1st year and renewals commissions can be substantial
A Policy for When Life Happens

Life doesn't always go as planned.  With Protective Indexed ChoiceSM UL and ExtendCare Rider, your clients could benefit from a dual-purpose policy that provides life insurance protection access to the death benefit in case of a chronic illness.  Learn More.
Don't Put Your Clients' Nest Eggs 
 at Risk!

Learn why your clients should reconsider self-insuring their LTC costs by showing them how LTC insurance can protect their retirement savings.  Our latest sales idea in the "New Ways to Sell" series, shows what can happen to an asset when an LTC event strikes. Learn More.
Smart Strategies from Anthene Annuity

Smart Strategies from Athene Annuity offers wisdom for the life your senior clients want.  Click here to read more.