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coffee event flyer

Join coffee expert Colin Seger for an exploration of global coffee at the Central Library. For more information, contact Lilly at lsundell-thomas@minlib.net or 617.623.5000 ext. 2961.

Outdoor movie night_ August 15 Coco and August 22 School of Rock

Showings for the Central Library's Summer Outdoor Movie Night Series begin at approximately 7 PM. For more information, contact Ann at acassesso@minlib.net or 617.623.5000 ext. 2950.

stuffed animal sleepover on july 16 at west branch_ july 17 at central

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night at the library? Guess what--your stuffed animal can find out! For more information, contact Ann at acassesso@minlib.net or 617.623.5000 ext. 2950.
July/August Book Recommendations
Adult Recommendations 
This issue's recommendations come courtesy of Lilly, Heidi, and Cassie at the Central Library.
How does a concert flautist end up breaking into a natural history museum in search of some of the planet's most well-known bird species? This fascinating true story reads like fiction as Kirk Wallace Johnson leads readers through all the twists and turns the 2009 Tring Museum heist mystery.
Recommended by Cassie
Feather Thief Book Cover
Fans of suspenseful novels with unreliable narrators like Gone Girl will be quickly sucked into this atmospheric debut. Alice Shipley and Lucy Mason were once roommates and the closest of friends at Bennington College. When Lucy turns up at Alice's apartment in Tangier, we begin to learn the details of a mysterious accident that happened years earlier. Though the narrative bounces between snowy Vermont and sunny Morocco, there is a thoroughly gothic feeling throughout. 
Recommended by Lilly
tangerine book cover
The Female Persuasion is about Greer Kadetsky, a young college freshman, who is inspired by an influential speaker, Faith Frank. Greer ends up working for this woman and learning things about herself that she never thought were possible. This book describes the struggles of working women everywhere and the challenges faced when trying to maintain a career.  
Recommended by Heidi
Female Persuasion book cover
Do you ever wonder why that pourover coffee costs so much and tastes so much different than other coffees? Follow along with a young Yemeni American man as he tries to bring high quality Yemeni coffee to the roasters of Europe, Asia, and North America. A fast-paced and intriguing non-fiction read! Be sure to place a hold before the July 28th Global Coffee program!
Recommended by Cassie
Monk of Mokha book cover

Still looking for more? See the Staff Picks page! 
YA (Young Adult) Recommendations
This issue's YA recommendations come from guest reviewers in their teens at the Central Library.

Shaun and Georgia Mason are trying to cover a presidential campaign during a zombie apocalypse. With Buffy Meissonier, their trusty technician, anything's possible. I love this book; it blew me away. Twice as good as I thought it would be! 
Recommended by Xavier
Feed book covr
Recommended by Marco

the tempest book cover
Cap's old sidekick Bucky Barnes is back as the Winter Soldier, but he's not on Cap's side anymore!
Recommended by Walt
Captain American Winter Soldier book cover

American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang
This book is an interesting twist on an old folklore with a hidden message about how our desires can easily shape our lives and affect all of those around us for better or for worse.
Recommended by Edgar
American Born Chinese book cover

Looking for a couple extra recommendations? Check out our YA Staff Picks ! 
Children's Recommendations
This issue's recommendations come courtesy of Alison at the West Branch and Annamarie at the Central Library.
This is the neighborhood everyone wishes was theirs!  In this graphic novel, a diverse group of kids spend the summer making fabulous cardboard costumes for imaginative play, and working through conflict with friends, family, and themselves.  The character development is super, and each chapter unveils more about the children and their environment. Recommended for fans of Raina Telgemeier and pretty much anyone else.
Recommended by Alison

Cardboard Kingdom book cover
When she was only two years old, Sarah Nelson's mother attempted to drown her in the kitchen sink. Sadly, she succeeded with Sarah's twin brother Simon, leading to her permanent stay in a mental hospital.  Sarah is a wonderful combination of smart, observant, and naive. Coping with her first real crush, her sad, alcoholic father, and her fear that she will become "crazy" like her mom, she tries to puzzle out life by writing letters to Atticus Finch. Expecting a typical boring summer, this one might just turn out to be extraordinary for her! 
Recommended by Annamarie

Sure Signs of Crazy Book Cover
If you live in Somerville, you've probably missed a bus once or twice.  In this amusing picture book, a boy sees a number of unusual buses after he misses his regular bus.  Whichever bus he chooses, adventure is sure to follow!  Eye-catching illustrations in muted colors bring the story to life.
Recommended by Alison
bus_ stop_ book cover
The Flashback Four (Luke, Julia, David and Isabel) are off on their third adventure, this time to Pompeii in the year 79 AD. Like this series' previous books, billionaire Miss Z sends the four back in time to photograph devastating disasters, collecting photographs of things that have never been photographed before.
Recommended by Annamarie
Flashback Four book cover
Technology Instruction

Our partnership with the Somerville Media Center (SMC) to offer free computer classes continues this summer. Classes are offered at their location in Union Square.
This collaborative training program will offer courses on Hootsuite, an interface for social media management, iMovie video editing software, and LibreOffice, an open source office suite.  This series is led by Library and SMC staff.  An  RSVP  is required as spots are limited. To RSVP, please call 617.628.8826 or e-mail ejones@somervillemedia.org.
As always, our regular one-on-one technology courses are available as well.  For more information regarding our upcoming computer classes with the SMC or one-on-one technology instruction, please contact Tim at 617.623.5000 ext. 2963 or tdevin@minlib.net .
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