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Goodbye 2017.  What Will 2018 Bring ?!

Words for 2017: Resistance, Resilience.  The exiting of President Obama, the  beginnin g of President Trump's term; a  hurricane  season like no other with Harvey, Irma and Maria; culture wars in Charolette; wildfires in California; the Women's March on Washington; the #MeToo movement;  acknowledgement of  the  opioid  epidemic; the total solar eclipse....and so...much...more.

Let's remember 2017 and encourage the addition of the words Receptive and Reflective as we enter 2018. Take a moment to remember some of these events in the cohousing world:

Exciting move-ins:

As we witness another year passing, let's together continue to 
Create Community, One Neighborhood At A Time

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Where will you live in the third half of your life? Isolation issues solved for seniors with Co-housing

Lew Bowers talks with Ann E Nelson - Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast Show

Isolation is one of the key issues that we face as we age. Women more than men will be in this predicament as women tend to outlive their male partners. Are you rattling around in that big house on your own? Are you interested in ageing with people of similar interests? Lew Bowers from PDX Commons, a senior co-housing project in Portland, Oregon, explains how this new concept works. Listen to the podcast here, click on this link and click the blue triangle

Positive Publicity

Karin Hoskin talks with Katie McCamant and Marty Maskall

Fair Oaks Cohousing continues to be in the news, see this latest publicity, a TV spot on CBS Sacramento.

When I asked  Marty Maskall the secret to their promotional success she shared that they've developed relationships with the Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Business Journal, and the publisher of the American River Messenger. They sent them a press release and followed up by phone. "And we had real news -- not just a public presentation" she says.

This success came from lessons by Kathryn McCamant, CoHousing Solutions:

* It has to be real news (purchase/contract on land, planning approvals, groundbreaking, grand opening).

* Many groups get publicity when they first get going, but they are really ready to take advantage of it. Best not to seek it out until you are prepared to take full advantage of any publicity you get.

* Follow up, by phone, again and again! This is where most people drop the ball. If you just fax a press release, don't expect much to come from it. Better if you can a press release to a specific writer that you know covers related topics. Lifestyle section will get you more potential buyers than the real estate section, especially early on. Look for opportunities to build relationships with writers ...they might not cover you now, but they are always looking for on a slow day....

* Even if you don't get response when you send out PR's, keep it up for future milestones.

* Make sure to play up the local angle....why would their readers be interested? Quotes of local people involved are always good.

* Tie it into local there a regional discussion about seniors, housing costs, sprawl? How will your project help address one of those key regional issues?

* News plays off other news, so play up any coverage you get by sending it out on all you social media venues, and getting your members and friends to comment on it on the news medias websites. If you can help make sure the story is widely read or watched by spreading it around on your networks, they notice.

* All that being said, its very hard to get news coverage after a group's initial launch and in between real milestones. The fact that a small group of dedicated people have been working hard to launch your community is not really considered news.

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Village Hearth: LGBTs, Friends & Allies in Durham, NC

Ceremony for Shepherd Village marks milestone by 
Vanessa McGuigan

The dream of several soon-to-be Shepherdstown residents desiring to live in an intentional community of socially supportive neighbors, came one step closer to reality with the ceremonial ground breaking of the Shepherd Village last June.

Many of the property owners, members of town council, and various people involved with the project were present to hear remarks and pose for a photo opportunity, even though clearing of the area actually began in late May. 

Supersized cities: residents band together to push back against speculative development pressures by Jason Twill

The co-housing alternative
This is where co-housing comes into its own. With many projects across North America and Europe, this has been the main form of intentional development over the past 50 years.

The Baugruppen model is about building a community as well as housing. 
In addition to owning a private home, co-housing residents typically have access to shared common elements such as kitchens, gardens, recreation space, lounge areas and laundry facilities.

While such housing models are not new, there has been resurgence in demand and a growing portfolio of projects in cities around the globe in response to the crisis of affordability. Most have historically been low-rise (one to three levels) village-style projects in rural and suburban areas.

Land unveiled for new Harrisonburg cohousing neighborhood by Johnny Oliver

People interested in living in a new neighborhood planned for the Friendly City were on hand Saturday to see where it will be built.
Harrisonburg Cohousing Group's new land is located off of Country Club Road.

The Harrisonburg Cohousing Group held an open house at Blue Ridge Architects before unveiling the land chosen near Country Club Road.


New or Updated listings:

Senior Cohousing In the Ozarks - Harrison Arkansas 

Points Beyond Cottages - Silverton Oregon