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While there is an abundance of information on our CohoUS website about the variety of Cohousing communities, as well as the option to post inquiries to the Cohousing-L list serve, nothing compares to spending time at a community.  Whether you are forming a community and in the process of learning all that you can, or living in an established community and wanting to observe how others do things, this is time well spent. Coming up this month of April there are two fantastic opportunities to experience a variety of communities including attending a bus tour during the Colorado conference and just one week later a day of visiting communities on National Cohousing Open House Day.

Colorado Regional Conference Bus Tours Sunday April 22nd, 2018 -  register here

Tour Option 1 
Nyland Cohousing since 1992, 43 units on 43 acres, runs a CSA from community farm property
Silver Sage Village since 2007, 16 units on 1 acre, senior cohousing community
Wild Sage Cohousing since 2004, 34 units on 1.6 acres, green built urban infill 

Tour Option 2 
Aria Cohousing since 2017, 28 units on .6 acre, retrofit of a former convent
Hearthstone since 2001, 33 units on 1.6 acres, in urban Denver
Harmony Village since 1996, 27 units on 5.5 acres, featuring an orchard and labyrinth

Tour Option 3 
Greyrock Commons since 1996, 30 units on 16 acres, including unique kids play space
River Rock Cohousing since since 1999, 34 units on 3.4 acres, contributed to revitalization of "Old Town'
Lyons Valley Village since 2006, 18 units on 2 acres, supported each other through the flood of 2013

National Cohousing  Open House Day Sunday April 29th, 2018

Participating communities thus far:

Arcadia Cohousing in Chapel Hill, NC
Bellingham Cohousing in Bellingham, WA
CoHo Ecovillage in Corvallis, OR
Elderberry Village in Rougemont, NC
Eno Commons Durham, NC
Fair Oaks EcoHousing in Fair Oaks, CA
Frog Song in Cotati, CA
Green Grove Cohousing Community in Forest Grove, OR
Nevada City Co-housing in Nevada City, CA
PDX Commons in Portland, OR
Pleasant Hill Cohousing in Pleasant Hill, CA
Quimper Village in Port Townsend, WA
Ralston Creek Cohousers in Arvada, CO
Solterra in Durham, NC
Springlen in Chapel Hill, NC
Village Hearth Cohousing in Durham, NC
Wild Sage Cohousing in Boulder, CO

Is your community interested in participating? Sign up here!

Visit communities while you are traveling - use our CohoUS directory, click  here

Consider this...while traveling someplace away from your hometown, when on a work trip or vacation, leaving a little time to visit any communities near your destination

Connect with your cohousing 'neighbors' - use our CohoUS directory, click here

And don't forget to connect with communities that might be right 'in your backyard'! Inquire about a special event that you might be invited to attend such as a house concert or a holiday potluck.

Enjoy these visits, meet fellow co-housers, make connections!

Conferences & Events

Cultivating Resilience by Yana (Ma'ikwe) Ludwig

What does it mean for our communities to be resilient: economically, ecologically and socially?
I've been playing in the domain of community for a couple decades now, and most of what I know about resilience was learned on the ground in the daily life of cooperative living. And guess what? The world needs what we know right now!  Watch video here
Kids Shared Spaces by Karin Hoskin


Don't Let Your Kids Space Become an Afterthought!

Wild Sage had some cool things in our kids space, we took a small plain square room and built a loft, we added an old library ladder to access it, we painted each wall a different color and painted sparkly clouds on the ceiling...but is it really what our kids wanted? We're not so sure. It became the place where unwanted toys ended up...think about that for a moment...if kids kids play with them at home, why would they become suddenly interested in them at the common house? Read more here

An Impulse To Connect by David Barrett.

sit here on the Pacific Coast of Mexico watching the sea awaken in the soft pastels of the changing morning light of sunrise. The waves, stirred by a night of winds from the north rise and fall, then crash into transformative white foam, obscuring the boulders that define our boundary between land and sea. It is a continuous rhythm that defines the pulse of the experience of this place. Like a beating heart driving blood through our veins, or the breath that flows in and back, out of our lungs, this repetition reminds us that we, like this planet, are alive and in tune with each other at this most basic level. We are connected. We are, in fact, one. What a beautiful reminder that we are not alone. I breathe in micro droplets of her essence with each arriving fold. I remember that I came from, and am largely made of this infinite pool.
So what might this say about an interest in community? What do we yearn for as we go through our experience of living in a modern world? Is there an underlying call, an impulse to find connection? Where does it reside? How can we fill that void -or visit that place of belonging to something more? Read more here

CohoUS Notes

Members of CohoUS Board of Directors are looking forward to a full day retreat in April of 2018, they will be working on continued visioning for the association . At upcoming conferences, please introduce yourself to a BOD member, especially if you are interested in being an active part of the association! To see who is currently serving on the BOD, click here.

Established Communities = 165
---Completed = 148
---Building = 17

Forming** = 140
**Thirty five forming groups have acquired land they plan to develop
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Homes for Sale

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When Del Holland's children moved out and he retired from teaching, he decided it was time to downsize. He wanted to live in the most environmentally-friendly, energy efficient house he could.
"I just really feel like it's important to do things to make the world better and not to be exploiting the resources we have," he said. "I need to try and align my way of living with my values."
That's what attracted him to  Prairie Hill Cohousing, a new development of homes built around a communal-living concept in Iowa City. To read more, click here

Cohousing developments continue rise in popularity - Kelly McCabe
Im agine a world in which your next-door neighbor not only is your best friend but your de facto babysitter, your source for sugar when you realize mid-baking session that you're out, and your dinner companion when you're home alone. Seems like a fantasy land, right? Or, at the very least, an idyllic depiction of life found only on TV. But a recent increase in popularity of co-housing around the country suggests many crave a closeness and sense of community with their neighbors. To read more, click here.

Co-housing: we're all in this together - Kate Youde
Co-housing - communities of self-contained homes with shared spaces - is set to benefit from a relaunched government fund, reports Kate Youde
Co-housing is expected to be a major beneficiary of the government's forthcoming relaunch of the Community Housing Fund.
The growing housing model involves residents creating a community of self-contained homes with shared spaces such as a common house, guest room for visitors, garden and laundry.
The fund will help community-led groups build homes in areas with high levels of second-home ownership or low affordability. 
There are already 19 established co-housing communities, according to the UK Cohousing Network, but demand is ballooning. A further 44 groups are developing projects while 14 more are in the process of setting up. But what opportunities - and challenges - does the concept present for architects? To read more, click here.

New Resources

Let's get the new issue of Communities magazine out to the cohousing world! It includes articles from several cohousers. Communities Magazine is releasing the digital issue on a by-donation basis.

The issue looks unflinchingly at a major "elephant in the room"-the relative lack of racial and class diversity in most ICs, at least in North America-while suggesting ways of recognizing, understanding, and addressing it.

Authors share stories of obstacles they've encountered (from both sides of the privilege equation) and positive steps they and their groups have taken to move toward greater inclusivity and equity. They also reflect honestly on the deep-rootedness of unconscious racism, of social and cultural barriers, of problems of power, privilege, classism, "white fragility," and more.

To read a general blog post about the issue, click here.

To get the issue, click here.