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Gratitude: Living with Intention within Intentional Community


We're in the midst of a season of gratitude. So I was pleased to learn that a practice of gratitude improves our health and well-being, and allows us to "experience increased positive emotions," per Richard Emmons, a professor at UC Davis. Dr. Emmons reports that people who practice gratitude somehow elicit more support from other people. They radiate something positive, and people want to be near them and support them. Sounds good, yes? and something we would want to cultivate for ourselves and our communities. Living in community inherently encourages us to be present, to be connected.  Cultivating a practice of gratitude can enhance this benefit of community, by helping us slow down, take pause, and become keenly aware of what is going on in the present moment. Gratitude happens when we live with intention within our intentional communities.  As we welcome in the promises of a new year - along with the stress of expectations and responsibilities - gratitude can remind us that we are part of something larger than ourselves, and that we are all in this together. I find this both reassuring and joyful. In the abundance of my life, I am grateful for all of you in the cohousing world. I hope you share my gratitude that Coho/US is here and growing, with your support.

Many thanks.  Alice Alexander, Executive Director


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 National Cohousing Conference - May 29-31, 2015
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Beginnings at the Conference
by Diana Sullivan
In 2010, I attended the National Cohousing Conference in Boulder to learn about starting a cohousing community.... I traveled there with a friend and met two other ladies from Nashville ...We decided that if we were going to see a community in Nashville, a blue city in a red state, we would need professional help...

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500 Communities: creating the next great wave

Many of you currently live in cohousing, have collaborated on construction or development of communities, or are in the process of finding your new cohousing home. So, have you ever thought...

I'd love to help make more of these communities a reality! What if my work helped cohousing community formation from the ground up? What if I could learn how, and bring those skills to meaningful fruition in my area? Curious? read more  

Christmas Tree Farm: Cohousing Enterprise

The Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania operates a Christmas tree farm with 50 acres of choose and cut trees. Per community member (and Coho/US Board President) Bill Hartzell, sales have been tremendous - one of their best years! Bill and the story of Seven Springs Tree Farm will be part of the National Cohousing Conference session on Agricultural Communities: Working Farms & Enterprises.

Healing Dashed Dreams: Cohousing PTSD 

By Barbara Opyt

Some call me an "experienced cohouser," but I am also a "wounded cohouser." It's like having cohousing PTSD. I am now a part of a newly forming cohousing group and with every hint of delay, I get spooked. When potential members express their concerns, I think "Oh, yeah, be worried-be very worried." I hesitate to lead but know that being in a community like this means that I can't just follow passively. When anyone asks when the community will be built, I say "in about a year." And then I cry a little more 

Stop Spinning Your (Roulette) Wheels When Making Personnel Decisions   Laird's Blog   

We're talking about intentional communities, right? Then doesn't it make sense to be intentional about filling positions of responsibility?

Overwhelmingly, intentional communities can think up governance structures faster than they can staff's essentially universal that communities have more committee slots than people who are actively and competently filling them. There are, I believe, a number of factors that contribute to this phenomenon. Here are five:

 read more

Community Lives
Designing a Passivhaus Neighborhood in a Blue Ridge Arts Community                 
At Jubilee Cohousing in Floyd, VA, we are hard at work with our cohousing-savvy builder designing our neighborhood and homes. We are ambitiously building an all Passivhaus neighborhood and Common House (ultra-low energy design/construction) and it feels great, like we're experiencing our own mini energy revolution! 2014 has been an amazing year of more
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