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2015 National Cohousing Conference: Registration Now Open


You asked and we are delivering! Registration is open for the 2015 National Cohousing Conference.

Why should you come to the conference?

For folks forming groups and building community, the national conference is guaranteed to catapult your efforts.

For veterans of existing communities, this is your opportunity to share lessons learned. And although your community may have some things really well figured out, you struggle with others, right? Of course, you can call or visit other communities any time, so why go to the conference? Because while we can call or visit other communities, we don't. And also because Coho/US has made it easy and fun to talk to a whole bunch of other community members, from all over the country. Besides, cohousers are some of the most interesting, and engaging people you will ever meet. The program is amazing, covering basics as well as hot topics in sustainability, community building, and the "evolving definition of cohousing." The Next Generation theme will explore the new wave of urban, senior and agricultural communities, check-in with our now-adult children of cohousing, and celebrate communities that have thrived for over 20 years. Plenty of time also for networking, tours, and fun! Please join us.

Alice Alexander, Executive Director


P.S. Coho/US is proud to enjoy Conference Sponsorship from many of our Cohousing Professionals and Cohousing Communities. Take a look at what they have to offer you!


Conferences & Events
 National Cohousing Conference - May 29-31, 2015
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"I have come to the last five national cohousing conferences and found a wealth of helpful sessions, fun, and good camaraderie. I always bring back useful ideas to my cohousing community. I am excited about 2015 in Durham, meeting new and old friends, and  hearing the latest ideas.  I look forward to sharing visits to cohousing communities in Sweden and Denmark last summer."  
David Entin, Rocky Hill Cohousing,

Kids of Cohousing - A Fun Opportunity to Shine

We are gathering a collection of videos (and other materials) about growing up in cohousing that we are hoping to debut at the National Cohousing Conference. Read more 

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Sessions, Facilitated Discussions, Intensives, Tours and Gatherings 

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Cohousing Attention from Social Science Academics in NY City

Patrick Han, Coho/US Board member, was approached by The Henry George School of Social Science in New York City to lead a seminar on cohousing. Patrick muses, "although there are no cohousing communities in NY City yet, the 'word' is being brought to the heathens." read more  

Charles Durrett will talk about the national cohousing movement, and his work in designing Fair Oaks EcoHousing, on Feb. 7 at the Fair Oaks library in Sacramento.

In an article from The Atlantic CityLab, Katie McCamant is quoted: "A large majority of [new] communities are being driven by baby boomers looking at downsizing when they retire....cohousing didn't work for them earlier, but now they're in a transition," predicting the number of double within 10 years. Alice Alexander added, "Baby boomers are demanding a better way to live. We want to be sustainable; we want community, happiness." The upbeat profile is dampened with this perspective from Christopher Leinberger at the Brookings Institution: "although cohos mesh philosophically with what many aging baby boomers want--dense, walkable communities--so do a lot of traditional developments that don't come with so many legal and financial headaches...Banks still underwrite experience every bit as much as they underwrite balance sheets." read more

Similar to a Newborn: The First Five Months in Cohousing By Doug Henderson-James, Durham Cohousing

We are completing five months in our digs and five months into the adventure of being a cohousing community. Several people in the

community have pointed out that adventure requires missed turns, missed trains, etc. Something that goes smoothly is a vacation; all else is an adventure. I like to think of our first five months as similar to a newborn. read more 

Doug Henderson-James, 2nd from left, at a celebration

A Clean Decision-Making Process   by Sharon Villines

One of the ways the principles and methods used by sociocracy speed up decision-making is going directly to objections instead of discussing the proposal. The proposal should state the perceived advantages or reasons why a decision is needed. The presenters will also have presented the issues and options they considered. After clarifying questions, there is usually no need to hear arguments in favor or to repeat the discussion that has taken place in the team or in previous membership meetings. The process produces a decision most effectively...

read more

Building Community
Elderberry: Senior Cohousing Among Gardens, Farm Animals and Nature                 
As the number of senior cohousing communities continues to grow, seniors have more choice in the type and location of a community that best fits their lifestyle.....Most senior cohousing is developed in urban areas that provide "walkability" as a key feature. For individuals who wish to be close to stores, restaurants, and entertainment, this is an excellent choice. But for seniors who prefer country life to city life, the woods, farms, trails, wildlife, gardens, animals, and starry skies are worth the occasional drive to more
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Cohousing professionals address the specific needs of communities and forming groups. Learn more 


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Longmont's Bohn Farm Cohousing project moving forward -  to be built on six acres on historic farm property southwest of downtown Longmont


New Arts Cohousing Site in Nevada County - A multi-unit cohousing complex geared for Nevada County artists is planned for a 2.2-acre site just above downtown Nevada City.


These Philadelphians Want to Get Closer to Their Neighbors - These Philadelphians Want to Get Closer to Their Neighbors


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2015 National Cohousing Conference Flyer - for posting on your community bulletin board

Cohousing Brochure Use as a recruiting tool for members, and an education tool for the public. 

The Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 retroactively extends numerous tax incentives for green building and energy efficiency projects. PDF summary of the incentives

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