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Cohousing is more than just a nice place to live. It could and should be a model on how we can address huge social and environmental issues, one neighborhood at a time. Laura Fitch with Bryan Bowen will be exploring the possibilities at the National Cohousing Conference session "More Than Just Cohousing." Laura shares, "there have been interesting spin-offs in affordable and supportive housing projects that physically look and act like cohousing - evidence that others have learned and benefited from our pioneering work." Indeed, we are witnessing cohousing's growing influence other housing sectors, particularly supportive housing models for seniors, veterans, foster children, and neurodiverse individuals and their families. 


Bryan Bowen and Steven Ablondi have transformed a small village in South Africa using a cohousing model [Building Skills and Community in South Africa is another conference offering]. We are also witnessing otherwise traditional cohousing doing more in terms of saving farms and open space, supporting on-site enterprises (see Katywil Farm below), and fostering the arts.


With the National Cohousing Conference serving as a catalyst, we are pleased to be hosting amazing entrepreneurs, including a founder of the North Street Neighborhood "built around our friends with disabilities where everyone can thrive together;" Jack Downing with Soldier On, committed to ending veteran homelessness, and from Spokane, folks with Building Ohana, a neighborhood where "love lives." 


Truly inspirational! Stay tuned for more sharing after the conference.       Alice Alexander, Executive Director

Conferences & Events
 National Cohousing Conference - May 29-31, 2015
We are frustrated in now having to turn away folks from the Conference, having topped out at over 400, but our sell out is also affirmation in the growing interest in cohousing. 
While the main conference is sold out, there are still spaces available in many amazing pre-conference Intensives. Check them out! 

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Neurodiverse Cohousing: What is it and Why does it Matter? 

Diversity is often spoken of in terms of ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic status, but what about neurodiversity? Neurodiversity encompasses the idea that there is a broad human expression of neurological differences. As we move away from the medicalization of diagnoses, we learn that those with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, along with the five million adults with intellectual/ developmental disabilities (I/DD) are different, not less than those who are "neurotypical." We live in a neurodiverse world! read more... 

Your Community's Purposes: Vision, Mission, Aim                 

Sharon Villines, Takoma Village Cohousing

Most values statements are so vague that pretty much anyone would be willing to endorse them. Values statements mean nothing unless they are connected to a vision, mission, and aims. The same organization can say we value environmentally friendly products and processes and mean entirely different things. I'm sure there is an executive at BP that can tell you they are one of the most environmentally friendly multinational corporation on the planet. And always have been. Committing to Mom and apple pie isn't going to energize and focus your community. read more 

Do You Need an Office in the Common House?

Sharon Villines, Takoma Village Cohousing

We have an office at Takoma Village in Washington DC. We are one of the larger communities with 43 households and almost 100 residents. Smaller communities may need only a corner of a room but I can't imagine not having a central place for business records, etc. read more 

Building Community
Farming at Katywil
in Colrain (western Massachusetts)

Katywil Farm Community has 9 households and will have 14-18 homes when complete. We each own a 3/4 acre lot and share the remaining ~100 acres of farm, conservation, and woodland. ...Our goal is to grow enough food in our gardens and orchards to feed ourselves and to use for value added products that can be processed in our kitchen and sold locally. We currently have goats, pigs, turkeys, and chickens, which live happy lives on pasture....

We have two value-added farm enterprises in the early stages of business development, cheese making and charcuterie....And we are working with other businesses within our broader local community, e.g., a local

micro-brewery, to help with business plans and to learn how to better market and distribute products.

It is our vision to enable community members to develop businesses and provide livelihoods so that they can live and work on the farm as part of their co-housing experience. And, these businesses are not necessarily farm related, for example, we have a member who is developing plans for educational programs for children.
 Read more at Farming at Katywil

End Notes
Two new members have joined the Coho/US Board of Directors:
  • Angela Sanguinetti, Ph.D. is an environmental psychologist and a postdoctoral researcher at University of California, Davis. As a pioneering member of the Cohousing Research Network, Angela will serve to strengthen our collaborative partnership with that organization
  • Alan O'Hashi is a member of Silver Sage Cohousing in Boulder and offers diverse experience from housing and economic development to media production and cultural competency. Many will appreciate Alan as the capable coordinator of our Regional Conference last September. 
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Build your Home & Life at Katywil, CO-farming, CO-homesteading, CO-housing

Join a Green, Intergenerational Cohousing Community near Sacramento!

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Cohousing: A Contemporary Take on an Old-Age Idea 

Kiwi Magazine

"Some people think I live in a dorm, or that I live in a house and share everything," say Sara Gottlieb of Lake Claire Cohousing, "but most of my neighbors are fairly mainstream: two kids and a 9 to 5 job."


Investing in You: New Options for Aging at Home

" As we retire, more people don't want to live on a golf course. They want more control over who's operating the community, and cohousing is governed by the people who live there ," says Ann Zabaldo, a Takoma Village resident.


Perspectives on Cohousing and Ecovillages: Building Diversity in Intentional Communities 

A panel discussion hosted by UNC Chapel Hill Center for Urban and Regional Studies featured Alice Alexander and reps from Pacific Cohousing and Hart's Mill.


Iowa City  Cohousing is pleased to announce that the site plan for Prairie Hill, a community of 33 units near downtown  was unanimously and enthusiastically approved by the  city 's Planning and Zoning Commission May 21.  Now we move on to  City  Council. 
Carolyn Dyer, Iowa City Cohousing

These news features were clipped from last month's eNews:


Wary of retirement housing options, baby boomers make their own way  

The future residents of  PDX Commons, a 55-and-older cohousing community, haven't even purchased land or fully designed their development yet, but 15 of the proposed 27 units are spoken for.


How boomers are creating their own retirement communities 

US New & World Report 

"The individuals pick the community. The community doesn't pick them ," Durrett says.  "There is no such thing as like-minded people. Wait until you get into a discussion about cutting a tree down."

Chicago Radio Highlights Cohousing

Host Tony Scimeca welcomed journalist Chris Bentley in the studio, and  Katie McCamant and Alice Alexander as phone guests to discuss cohousing's growing trend as a lifestyle choice.


more news 


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