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Dealing with Diverse Personalities
Dealing with Diverse Personalities in Community:

Everyone has one. It doesn't matter what your gender is, or your ethnicity. Whether you are young, old, tall, short, liberal, conservative, gregarious or introverted, you have one, and so does every other person on the planet.
Arcosanti: a laboratory in innovative design, community, and environmental accountability. 

What is it?
A personality.

Some people even have multiple personalities, and we all know that we act differently at work than we do at home. We interact differently with our parents than we do with our children, or the person next door.

But, when we intend to build a harmonious community, it is sometimes challenging to create a collaborative environment with people who are so different from us. "If only they would understand things the way that I do," we say to ourselves. "If only."

Creating community takes commitment. Things do not always turn out the way that we personally envisioned them. Conflicts arise. Feelings are hurt.  And yet, we strive to live in communities where people are able to work out their differences and build towards a better whole.

On September 30th, and continuing for two more days, there will be a retreat which addresses these issues for people who are committed to living in successful Cohousing Communities. It will be held in the secluded environment of Arcosanti, in the highlands of Arizona. The event will be intimate and active, with a participatory format for merely fifty people. 

We invite you to join us for this unique experience.  Visit  2016 Arcosanti Cohousing Retreat
Jeffrey Zucker, President - Board of Directors - The Cohousing Association
Conferences & Events
Cohousing Retreat at Arcosanti, Arizona
Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2016    Coho/US  Sponsored 

Dealing with Diverse Personalities 
in Community
Why? Because relationships are the most important part of community.

A fun and informative weekend getaway in the high desert at the world-famous community of Arcosanti.

Save the Date:
2017 National Cohousing Conference
May 19-21, 2017
Nashville, Tennessee
Building Resilient, Sustainable Communities
Co-Chaired by Diana Sullivan, Germantown Commons; 
Bryan Bowen, Caddis Architecture and Wild Sage Cohousing
Sept 2 - 5, 2016  
If you want to live according to the values of cooperation, sustainability, and equality this conference is for you. Focus is on Intentional Communities, including Ecovillages, Cohousing, and Housing Cooperatives.

Conducted by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett
Avoid reinventing the wheel! Join sponsor Raleigh Cohousing
Yarrow Ecovillage: Cohousing as a Building Block to the Ecovillage 
Following the first cohousing community in the U.S., Muir Commons in Davis, California, cohousing has not only continued to expand throughout the US and Canada, it has also become a model for other housing types (seniors housing, nonprofit affordable housing), and a building block for other larger communities, ecovillages in particular. The Yarrow Ecovillage is one such project. True to the cohousing concept in general, it aims to re-establish many of the advantages of traditional villages within the context of 21st century life..... The site of this community is a former dairy farm, left inactive in the 1980s.....includes a 33-unit intergenerational cohousing project, a 30,000-square-foot mixed-use area (commercial, rental units, learning, etc.), a 20-acre farm, and a 17-unit senior cohousing community.  . ..  read more  
Becoming Less Frightened of Conflict 
For many years I have offered an introductory workshop on conflict entitled, "Conflict: Fight, Flight, or Opportunity?" In it, I explain that many people engage conflict with a flight or flight response and that there are better choices. However, even if I can sell you on the idea that working constructively with conflict is possible, that doesn't mean it's easily accessible.  Recently I did a workshop on facilitating hard conversations about aging in community (at the  Aging Better Together Cohousing Conference ) in which I laid out the importance of getting all the hard stuff out on the table, so that it could be understood and worked with, and one brave woman in the back of the room asked, "I understand why you're telling us it's valuable to get strong feelings expressed, but they scare me to death. How can I change my reaction?"
What a great question! . ....   read more  
Planning for Aging in YOUR Community
Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D. LifeEncore
Aging in Community...for many, it's an idyllic thought. However, much as we would like to think that we will just grow a little older each year, continuing to share meals with our community, putter around the common garden, travel, take long walks with friends, do volunteer work, and attend concerts and local events, growing older often brings with it some challenges. Our mobility might become a greater effort, we may not be able to manage stairs any longer, our eyesight and hearing may fade, or we may not have the sense of balance we once did. Though these eventualities may seem remote at sixty, when we are feeling chipper and energetic, at seventy, eighty or ninety we will likely be looking at a very different picture.  ..  Read more
Building Community
Retire in the Sun For Less Money and Still Enjoy Cohousing  Catherine and Allan Stephenson (Rancho La Salud Village, Ajijic, Mexico)
So you are thinking about retirement. Or may already be retired. You know that in this next phase of your life you would like to have a new adventure-- new experiences, new culture, new environment, new lifestyle, new climate and maybe a new language. But not so different that you are no longer connected to your American culture, your children and grandchildren and your friends. These were the desires that my husband and I had as we approached our retirement years. We knew that our number one desire was to live in a warmer, sunnier climate, but not with the financial overheads of California or the heat or humidity of other areas in the US..... To our delight we discovered Rancho La Salud Village -- Mexico's first co-housing community. The design and goals of the Village met all of our needs for a committed community, green housing, solar energy for all homes (a no brainer in Mexico!), a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and a multicultural community.  Read more
Coho/US Notes
Alice Alexander, Coho/US Executive Director
Many of you may remember the story of Gou (Joy) Chuangjing and her five colleagues from China who attended the 2015 National Cohousing Conference. Thanks to Megan Shea from Berkeley, California, we have an update on Joy's efforts..." Joy is quite remarkable. There doesn't seem to be any modern precedent for cohousing in China, and yet she's undauntedly moving forward with the community she wants to get started in Nanjing. They've spent the past year talking up the concept and meeting local government officials, etc. They've now selected a site outside of Nanjing with access to parkland and transit -- a big accomplishment."
... read more

Established Communities = 162
---Completed = 137
---Building or Expanding* = 25
Forming** = 127
* Many building communities have residents but continue to add members and build homes.
**Twenty seven forming groups have acquired land they plan to develop
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Grocery Stores, Grab Bars and 'Golden Girls'  Stateline How Aging Boomers will Challege Suburbia
....many officials have a hard time thinking beyond the immediate problems they face every day. "It's easier to fill the potholes and keep the water flowing than to think strategically about an older population in 10 to 20 years," (Tad McGalliard, Interna-tional City/County Management Assoc).

At long last...we're IN!
Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing toasting their occupancy. More on facebook

The Financial (UK) 
It should be made easier for groups to set up their own co-housing communities says a new report which will be launched in the House of Commons. 

Ken Winter (Sunward Cohousing, Ann Arbor) queries: "Cohousing for Millennials?"   

by Charles Durrett, Mother Earth News  
Some seniors prefer intergenerational cohousing. There are 21 seniors (and 37 kids) in Nevada City Cohousing. Other seniors prefer senior cohousing.