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YES! Magazine Founder Sarah van Gelder Keynotes the 2017 National Conference
" We evolved to live in community, and that seems to be the scale where we can best navigate the complexities of life-the experiences of people not like us, the fragility and resilience of the web of life that surrounds us. When we live connected to a community, we are more likely to become champions for one another, not just for ourselves. It's a small step from there to becoming advocates for the larger community, even for the community of all life. From there, the idea of the common good is not so hard to grasp ."

  These wise words come from YES! magazine co-founder and editor Sarah van Gelder - and much to our excitement, our 2017 National Cohousing Conference keynote.  Sarah is also a founder of Winslow Cohousing, her former home on Bainbridge Island, where she claims, "r aising my kids in cohousing was one of the best things I ever did."  This well-spoken and community-focused woman will frame our Conference's theme of Building Resilient, Sustainable Communities.
Sarah will arrive fresh from writing her new book, The Revolution Where You Live: Stories from a 12,000 Mile Journey Through a New America , chronicling her journey through eighteen states, seeking solutions to the enormous challenges our country faces today. She identified a commonality to thriving communities that will resonate with cohousers, the steadfast dedication of people loving and defending the places they call home. Sarah's book will be available in the Conference bookstore, and you can join the conversation with her during the interactive conference session she'll be leading too. 
Get to know Sarah more here , and follow her updates on Twitter @sarahvangelder Conference Registration opens January 1st. Hope to see you there! 
Jenny Godwin , Coho/US Outreach Associate
Conferences & Events

May 19-21, 2017,  Nashville, Tennessee

We're planning a fantastic conference with more than 100 proposals from experts and innovators across the country being considered. Registration launches Jan 1, 2017 with an early bird rate!

Musings about the Cohousing 'Dealing with Diverse Personalities' Retreat at Arcosanti, Arizona
Alan O'Hashi, Silver Sage Village (Boulder CO)
We had 40 people from around the country attend who I hope learned a little bit more about themselves and why self-awareness is important while interacting with others......It is up to each of us, as individuals, to take responsibility for our actions. It's then up to the community to determine the level at which its members agree to intentionally learn about one another, particularly about past experiences and histories. read more  
Sharpening the Conversation
Laird's Blog
Recently I was conducting a facilitation training with co-trainer María Stawsky. The weekends run from Friday morning through Sunday afternoon and are a mix of presenting material, answering questions, conducting practice exercises, and facilitating live meetings. That said, we emphasize the last approach above all others: devoting three-fourths of every weekend to having students prepare for, deliver, and evaluate the facilitation of real meetings-on the pedagogical theory that people tend to learn faster and more deeply if they're facing live ammunition.  As teachers, María and I face the challenge of identifying a teaching moment as it develops and figuring out what intervention (if any) might be both effective and elucidating. Here are the elements  read more  
Existing Communities: You Need Not Reinvent the Wheel 
Alice Alexander, Coho/US Executive Director
Nuturing Cohousing Communities to Help Them Thrive is one of three core areas of the Coho/US strategic plan . We offer abundant resources on our website, and encourage communities to search for successful practices on work share, meal participation, marketing, whatever. Also, see "New Resources" each issue of eNews (bottom, r ight column). Offerings this month:
Contact us to share your wisdom, experiences and stories, to feed our role as "connector and clearinghouse." 
Living in Community
Interdependent Community Makes For a Secure Childhood     Bryan Bowen, Wild Sage (Boulder, Colorado)
...."I can't imagine leaving Wild Sage," Bryan says. "I can't imagine raising my kids any other way. It's hard enough as it is. Having the support of an interdependent community makes parenthood so much more interesting and rich."  And it makes for a secure childhood, too. Bryan remembers renting a home in Florida for a family vacation when Eli was 3 years old. After they pulled up to the house and unloaded, Eli ran outside, saying he was going to explore. He made a loop around the big grassy front yard, then came back inside. "He looks totally confused," Bryan recalls. "He says, 'Daddy, where are all the friends?' That was a moment of epiphany for me. I realized that my kids were growing up with the expectation that wherever you go, there should be a whole bunch of fun, interesting people right outside the door. That's how the world is for them."    Read more.
Coho/US Notes
Coho/US exists to nurture our Cohousing Communities, established and forming. Gifts from our communities, as well as individuals and sponsors, enable us to provide services that benefit you. Visit Sustaining Communities for giving options, thank you

The FIC Fundraising Campaign + Coho/US
Like Coho/US, the Fellowship for Intentional Community is dependent on charitable contributions. Executive Director Sky Blue shares, "As the intentional communities movement has continued to grow and evolve, we've increased our efforts. The challenge has been to increase income to increase capacity, and this has led us into a financial crisis.".....If you appreciate the FIC and support intentional communities in all their forms, visit FIC Campaign

Coho/US is a charitable organization, not affiliated with FIC. We are, however, collaborative partners in promoting intentional community, cooperation and sustainability. Like FIC, Coho/US is dependent on financial support from individuals and communities. While dependency on gifts translates to a tenuous business model, I am proud that Coho/US is on good financial footing, with careful financial oversight from our Board of Directors. If you appreciate Coho/US, please support our efforts with a tax deductible gift at Donate Now.

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Forming** = 132
**Thirty two forming groups have acquired land they plan to develop
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Homes for Sale

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Beautiful light-filled home in Champlain Valley Cohousing in Vermont!

Mosaic Commons: 1 bedroom home for sale

Energy Star Home for Sale at Cobb Hill Cohousing, Hartland, Vermont

Two Lovely Cottages in Fantastic Vermont setting

Colorado Mountain Ranch & Farm -- 3BD artisan built timberframe strawbale available at Heartwood

For Sale in New Hampshire's Greenest Community

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 schemata workshop | architecture & planning

A smart design, this being Alaska: a covered walkway of the atrium will provide places for neighbors to gather outside their front doors and be protected from the elements.

The Frederick News Post
"A lot of the housing choices, especially if you're a young family, are pretty isolating," Bill Hartzell said [cofounder of Hundredfold Farm near Gettysburg, PA].

"I don't know anybody who thinks the way their parents aged is the way to go," Chuck Durrett said. "Most of the people I know want to become more self-determined in how they live in the world."
New Resources

Blackinton Village Cohousing , North Adams, Massachusetts

Disbanded: ElderCommons/Chapel Hill and Vesta Community Concepts/Phoenix.