CoHousing Solutions Newsletter | June 2020
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"I hope that within our communities we can create a safe place for people to explore uncomfortable issues, and that we do not get "too comfortable" but rather, that we will struggle with how to both be more open to diversity within our communities and with how to actively engage with our large neighborhoods, cities and counties to create the more just and caring world we seek.

If cohousing only serves those who can afford to live there, then we become just another form of gated community, comfortable in our own privilege. But if we build communities that support individuals in a way that inspires us to become more engaged and invites us to look at how we can work more effectively in creating a better world for all, then we can be a part of creating that more inclusive world

We have had hundreds of years of housing segregation enforced both by law and culture. It will be many years of actively working against this history to create truly open housing opportunities".

-Katie McCamant
Cohousers for Racial Justice

As our country erupts in nation-wide protests over the murder of George Floyd and more citizens become aware of the depth of systemic racism in the USA, we begin to realize that the need to unite is stronger than ever. As an intentional community of cohousers, can we hold space for those in need, discuss long lasting solutions, let our brothers and sisters of color lead the revolution and come together in solidarity? Sometimes, those big concepts and ideas seem challenging when we feel a large divide in our country. Luckily, cohousers have already come together and started the discussion.
"What if 30,000 cohousers became organized around the issue of racial justice?"
- Cohousing Association President Alan O'Hashi 

One of our biggest strengths as cohousers is in our numbers and organizing capacity. We have the power to create change by the collective strength of our choices. How can we unite and defend our BIPOC community by questioning our choices and igniting conversations to answer the hard questions about systemic racism? Where do we start?

President Alan O'Hashi of the Cohousing Association started the facebook group "Cohousers for Racial Justice" to communally develop strategies and actions that create change. Not only has the group ignited conversation, but has come up with powerful resources.

Jessica Rose, a group admin says "...Thru our conscious action, we not only take our power back, we empower others to reclaim their power as well. So how are we going to be part of this recreation?..."

After the group's first zoom meeting, the attendees identified four questions to start asking ourselves in order to create solutions and begin our journey to becoming anti-racist establishments.

  • How do we effectively take action in ways that uplifts ourselves and our community to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism?

  • How do we individually and as cohousers show our support for existing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous people of color) movements?

  • How can CoHousers integrate racial/social/earth justice into our community life and individual lives?

  • What might be effective ways to share actions we are taking individually and make it easy for other community members to take action as well?

And their solutions did not disappoint. To find out more, become apart of the group and the solution, please follow the link below.
Skagit Cohousing
heading towards ground breaking in
September 2020!
Over the last week, Skagit Cohousing had a breakthrough meeting with the city, received great terms from regional lender First Federal for their construction loan and signed development agreements with Tad Fairbank and Fairbank Construction. Kudos to Schemata Workshop, the project architects. The building department said they'd never seen such a complete building permit submittal even with working from home!

Great job 500 Communities affiliate and community member, Shelly Parks and her marketing team for finding ways to connect with neighbors through these last difficult months. Go team Skagit!

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Skagit Cohousing community near the bay!
Our New Marketing Coordinator
Hi! My name is Elise Gonzales-Sahota and I am the new CoHousing Solutions Marketing and Outreach Coordinator. I am a Nevada City Cohouser, wannabe chef, lover of bringing people together and Mom and Wife to my beautiful family.

I am so excited to work with upcoming cohousing communities and build thriving relationships within an industry of something that I am already so passionate about.

Interested in learning more about what I can do help you get more members into your new community?
Email me!
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