October 18, 2018
Next Introductory Meeting: Sunday, October 28
Cohousing in the News: The "Next Big Trend in Real Estate"
Cohousing seems to be in the news more and more often lately: there have been stories about cohousing as a solution to the growing loneliness epidemic; others on its environmental advantages, like the smaller building footprints, use of green materials, and pooled resources. But cohousing as a investment opportunity? The answer appears to be Yes, at least when it comes to 55+ cohousing developments. Although Fair Oaks EcoHousing is not a senior cohousing community-- we are open to all ages, from retiring baby boomers to families with children--there is something cheering about seeing any form of cohousing described as "the next big trend in real estate!"

That is exactly how a new article from U.S. News and World Report describes the rapid growth in cohousing for seniors. According to the article,  “Right now is an incredible time for investors to look at senior cohousing as an investment option . . . The demand is quickly increasing and it’s not yet a mainstream investment, like typical single family and multifamily rentals.”

To see the full article, click here: How to Invest in Senior Cohousing.  

The article in US News and World Report is referring to the U.S. housing market. But the same trend is emerging in other counties as well. An article in the British Evening Standard reports that "dozens" of cohousing projects for " older people are in the pipeline in London, offering an alternative to traditional  retirement   homes." Jude Tisdall, a resident of New Ground , the first London cohousing project for seniors, explains why she chose to live there:

“I was in my mid-sixties and you start thinking about how you want to live in the future. I wanted to be part of a community. I wanted to live with like-minded people and I wanted to have responsibility for the way I was going to live.” To read the complete article, click here: London Cohousing for Seniors Takes Off

Of course, it's not only seniors who are increasingly drawn to cohousing. Multigenerational communities like ours are flourishing and dorm-style "coliving" apartments aimed at millenials are exploding in popularity, with demand in big cities like New York, London, San Francisco, and Chicago, outpacing production.

There's something to this, folks!
Ready to learn more? Join us for Coffee & Conversation

Ever wondered what cohousing is all about, or if it might be a good fit for you? If so, you are warmly invited to join us at 7 pm on Tuesday, November 13 for an informal evening of coffee and conversation about cohousing. Held at the home of future Fair Oaks EcoHousing resident Bob Oyafuso, 126 Royalton Circle, Folsom, CA. Please rsvp to Bob at 916-353-0376 or email bob.oyafuso@gmail.com.
Meet Some of Our Crafters: Future Residents of Fair Oaks EcoHousing who Love to Make Things
When we circulated a "hobbies and interests" questionnaire among the members of Fair Oaks Ecohousing last Spring, we learned that about a third of our members are interested in at least one craft-and many are involved with multiple crafts. Here is an introduction to two of our crafty members, Kathryn Quinell and John Szostek.
Interview with Quilter Kathryn Quinnel

Photo above: Kathryn's Quilt, Vietnam Veteran Leslie Smith, Congressman Eric Swalwell.

Question : How did you get started with your art or craft?
Kathryn : My craft is quilting. I’ve been sewing and making most of my clothes for over 50 years and making quilts since the late 1970’s.
Question : What is the most challenging aspect of your art or craft?
Kathryn : Having enough time to do it!
Question : What do you enjoy most about your art or craft?
Kathryn : Most of my quilts have been donated to charity. It has always given me a good feeling to give back to my community through my craft. I was a member of a quilt guild in the Bay Area for many years. Our very active community outreach program donates quilts to local homeless shelters, battered women shelters, hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations. The guild is also affiliated with Quilts of Valor, a nationwide organization that makes quilts for active duty military personnel and veterans. I have made several Quilts of Valor that were donated to Bay Area veterans.
Question : What is the most fun, exciting, or satisfying thing you have ever created?
Kathryn : A couple of years ago one of my Quilts of Valor was presented to a Vietnam veteran by U.S. Congressman Eric Swalwell, our local Representative. The veteran was not officially a U.S. citizen at the time of his Army service in Vietnam in the 1960’s. Many years later he had difficulty receiving benefits. Congressman Swalwell helped him break through the bureaucratic red tape so the veteran could receive all the benefits he had earned for his service – as well as formalize his U.S. citizenship. As a token of appreciation for the veteran’s service, Mr. Swalwell wanted to present him with a Quilt of Valor – and my quilt was chosen for this award.
Question: Would you be interested in sharing your knowledge of/interest in this craft with your neighbors after move-in? 
Kathryn: Yes, I’d be interested!
Interview with Mask Maker John Szostek

Photo: John with his wife Jan

Question : How did you get started with your art or craft?
John: I make leather theatre masks typical of the Italian Renaissance. There were only a couple masters of this art, but their masks were too expensive. So, I decided to make my own.

Question : What is the most challenging aspect of your art or craft?
John : The process is complicated. One starts with a clay positive of the mask, Then a plaster negative is made, followed by a plaster positive. From this model the dimensions are transferred to wood. Once carved, the wood model serves as the matrix for the application of leather. The leather is hammered into place with small hammers made of horn. Finishing is done with aniline dyes.

Question : What do you enjoy most about your art or craft?
John : Seeing the finished mask on stage being used by a trained actor.
Question : What is most fun, exciting, or satisfying thing you have ever created?
John : I was once hired to make a mask of the bull in Picasso’s “Guernica.” Making functional eye holes in a cubist mask was a challenge. The mask was used in performance, and eventually it was shown at the Field Museum in Chicago as part of an anniversary observance of the creation of the painting.

Question : Would you be interested in sharing your knowledge of/interest in this craft with your neighbors after move-in? 
John : If they were interested, sure. Maybe a demonstration of how the masks are played.
From the National Cohousing Association : FREE WEBCHATS
on Communication, Connection, and Community

The following free webchats are being sponsored by the National Cohousing Association of the United States. Each session will be 60 minutes, starting with a short talk by the presenter followed by ample time for questions from those who attend. There will be additional webchats in November. For more information and the complete schedule, visit cohousing.org. Note: the blue links under each title will ask you to download and install the zoom software on your computer.

Thu, Oct 18, 6pm Pac, 7pm Mt, 8pm Cent, 9pm East
Karen Gimnig, Getting Connected: Going Deeper than “Company Manners”

Wed, Oct 24, 6pm Pac, 7pm Mt, 8pm Cent, 9pm East
Laird Schaub, Working Constructively with Emotions

Thu, Nov 1, 6pm Pac, 7pm Mt, 8pm Cent, 9pm East
Yana Ludwig, Introduction to Consensus

Wed, Nov 14, 4:30pm Pac, 5:30pm Mt, 6:30pm Cent, 7:30pm East
Ted Rau, Keeping Meetings Short(er)
Put it on your calendars: National Cohousing Conference
"Community for theHealth of It" May 30 – June 2, 2019 Po
May 30-June 2 2019 in Portland, Oregon
For more info, click here: 2019 Cohousing Conference
Community News
Find Out About Our Community

Fair Oaks EcoHousing members make regular plans to get together, have fun, and get to know each other. And you’re welcome to join us—come to a site tour,  meet our members, and  join us at future events. Read below and check out the  News and Events page on our website for more information. 
West Side Story at American River College

One future resident of Fair Oaks EcoHousing (FOEH), American River College Drama Professor Kathy Burleson, is very busy at the moment, overseeing the construction of sets and lights for the department's fall musical, West Side Story .

 From the ARC Theatre website: "West Side Story is one of the most memorable musicals and greatest love stories of all time. Arthur Laurents' book remains as powerful, poignant and timely as ever. The score by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim are widely regarded as among the best ever written. Its exciting, sophisticated score by Leonard Bernstein is often considered Broadway's finest, its songs a part of the nation's musical heritage. And the dancing, originally staged by Jerome Robbins, is remarkable."

Fri/Sat 8 pm   October 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27, 2018
Sun    2 pm    October 14, 21, 28
Thurs  6:30 pm October 18, 25

For ticket prices and more information, click here: American River College Theatre

Construction Update
by John Szostek
Where we started . . .
Coming closer
"A building is not just a place to be but a way to be.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

Starting now and extending through the next few weeks, major changes will take place at the building site. The slab for building 4 will be poured, work on the garages will start, layout for the Common House foundation trenches begins, second floor framing for buildings 1, 2, & 6 starts, rough grading around buildings 3, 4 & 5 will begin, and erosion controls will be installed. That’s not all. The roof trusses for buildings 1, 2, & 6 go up the week of the 22nd, ideally. This is all to say that the next site tour will be awesome.
Where We are Going . . . View from the Entrance
Be Part of Our Community:
Just A Few Homes Left!
As construction progresses on our project, Fair Oaks EcoHousing has only a few homes left. Call now to learn about cohousing, observe the site and reserve one of the available units-our very popular 2 bedroom flat, a 2+ bedroom townhome, a rare 3 bedroom with one bedroom down; or a spacious 2-story 4 bedroom townhome.

Key features for all include:
Large windows, allowing natural light to penetrate deep into the home and make rooms feel light and spacious
• Open design for living and dining areas, providing more space and flexibility in use
• Modern kitchen with ample storage and counter space
• Porch or deck for visiting with neighbors

The 2 bedroom flat features:
• Wide doors and open space in the unit
• Easy access to yard, porch, and common areas (downstairs flat)

The 2-story 2+ bedroom townhome includes:
• Bathroom upstairs and downstairs
• "Plus" room, ideal for a home office, craft room, or play room

The 3 bedroom townhome includes:
  • Spacious downstairs bedroom with a full bath
  • Two good-sized bedrooms and one full bath upstairs
  • Generous front porch

The 4 bedroom townhome includes:
• Spacious upstairs master bedroom with a full master bath and walk-through closet
First-floor bedroom, perfect for a home office, an aging family member, or single-floor downstairs living
Large wrap-around porch that provides roomy outdoor living space

Like all homes in Fair Oaks EcoHousing, these homes are designed for energy efficient living, with eco-friendly construction and high-quality fixtures and finishes.

Fair Oaks EcoHousing is a pedestrian-friendly village for residents of all ages, with a centrally-located clubhouse, pool and spa, and garden. 

The location is close to Fair Oaks Village and the American River Parkway, with many nearby dining and entertainment options, plus easy access to the freeway.

If you are interested in learning about the community, please see below for information on the site tour.
Future residents with shovels
Introduction to Fair Oaks EcoHousing
Sunday October 28 at 10:30am

Fair Oaks EcoHousing will be a neighborhood of 30 homes on 3.7 acres in Fair Oaks, CA, 18 miles east of downtown Sacramento. Come see the site and our architectural plans, and meet members at an upcoming cohousing informational meeting. Kids are welcome.

Act now! Fair Oaks EcoHousing has only a few homes left. If you are interested, please come to the informational meeting and site tour. Other h omes do become available on occasion. If you like what you hear at the meeting, please join our interest list to be notified of new availability.

To attend the Introduction to Fair Oaks Ecohousing, meet at 10:30 am at the Fair Oaks Coffeehouse in Fair Oaks Village, at 10223 Fair Oaks Blvd , at the intersection with Park Drive. Look for us on the side of the Coffeehouse, in the patio area or in the building at the back. We will introduce you to the project and then we can carpool to the site, where we will be able to overlook the construction of our new community.

The event will last about an hour and a half, with an optional lunch afterwards at the Siam Patio Restaurant or the Smokey Oaks Tavern. If you can't make it Saturday, the next tour is Sunday, October 28. Please RSVP below. Thanks!
Want to Learn More About Fair Oaks & Sacramento?